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Veterinarian Relationship: Why It Matters?

If you raise livestock, how well do you know your veterinarian? 

A good veterinarian and producer relationship is extremely vital to any livestock operation.

Disease outbreaks or other problems can occur at any time.

No matter how careful the livestock operation manages day-to-day tasks.

You never know what will happen in any given time.

I was so careful.

I had a chlamydia outbreak in my goat herd. 

I had always kept a close herd and bought goats from reputable breeders.

My does still got chlamydia.

Chlamydia is a contagious bacterial infection that attacks the placenta.

It causes abortions and premature kids. Other wise, there are no symptoms.

Losing many baby goat kids was so frustrating and heart breaking.

I genuinely care about all of my livestock.

But, I didn’t know how to fix this mess. I had hit a road block. I even thought about quitting.

I picked up the phone and called my veterinarian.

He was my first contact, who put me in touch with the state veterinarian.

Both of them were very supportive in helping to turn my operation around.

I even started having healthy and full term baby goats. It was a success.

I followed the two vet’s recommendations in regards to antibiotic treatment so I would not overdose.

A very small dose of 2 cc per goat would do the trick of saving my goat operation.

In fact, I never ever want to over use antibiotics.

Actually, all livestock producers know the importance of following the treatment guidelines.

Quality veterinarians stay up to date on those treatment guidelines.

They are excellent resources when it comes to the safe treatment of animals.

I can think of three ways a veterinarian relationship is important for livestock producers: 

  1. Guidance
  2. Assistance 
  3. Peace of Mind 

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veterinarian relationship


Vets provide guidance when the going gets tough.

Many livestock producers have gained the knowledge from years of experience.

Therefore, they don’t necessarily need the vet to see the animal.

They simply need guidance on how to treat the animal.

I can call my veterinarian and get a dose of a medication I already have on hand.

Then, I can put it into the syringe and treat the animal myself.

However, you may not feel comfortable treating your own animal.

If you feel this way, you should seek assistance from your veterinarian.


Problems arise during all seasons of an animal’s life.

A C-section birth, broken bone, or a prolapse are all examples of uncontrollable events that can happen at any time.

Livestock producers value the assistance of their veterinarians to help properly fix situations they cannot control.

New livestock producers can learn good tips from veterinarians.

This knowledge will make new producers more comfortable with treating their own animals.

Another time the producer may need assistance from the veterinarian is when an RX medication is needed.

This RX medication is prescribed only by the veterinarian.

This is an important value to keep in mind.

Veterinarians help livestock producers to do the right thing when it comes to working with RX medications.

For over the counter meds, veterinarians teach producers about withdrawal times and how to follow them correctly.

This helps keep our food supply safer and more delicious. 

Veterinarian Relationship

Peace of Mind

Doesn’t it feel good when you do the right thing?

Responsible livestock producers appreciate a peace of mind knowing they have done things right with their animals.

Not always is news good news. But, veterinarians can uncover information that acts as a peace of mind for producers.

After my veterinarian helped me figure out the Chlamydia issue with my goats, I had a better peace of mind knowing what was going on.

Also, I appreciated knowing the problem was treatable and that my vet was right by my side, coaching me the whole time.

Producers appreciate the expertise of their veterinarians and can learn many skills from them.

They are essential to the day to day tasks involved in each and every livestock operation.

Veterinarian Relationship

Tell me how your relationship is with your veterinarian.

~ Much Love ~


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