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Quick Easy Beef Quesadillas

Looking for something quick and easy for dinner? Check out these quick easy beef quesadillas!

Quick easy beef quesadillas are a family favorite in our household. They are my favorite go to recipe during busy times, such as harvest and gymnastic nights. The ingredients are usually already on hand for either of us to grab and make.

Plus, they are yummy. Look no further for an amazing recipe sure to quench everyone’s taste buds quickly.

Here’s the super simple ingredient list for quick easy beef quesadillas.

quick easy beef quesadillas


Farm Fresh Ground Beef

Cheese (Your Choice) – Choose a good melting cheese that you love.

Soft Tortillas – Also your choice. There’s no right or wrong one to pick.

Taco Seasoning – Homemade or bought. I don’t have any homemade right now, so I used a bought seasoning that is delicious.

Olive Oil 

Any vegetables you want – Onions and peppers would be excellent choices for additional vegetables for the insides of the quesadillas.

Sour Cream

Salsa – I use my champion recipe taken from the Ball Blue Book for Canning. Everyone loves it on these quick easy beef quesadillas!

quick easy


The first item of business is to brown the farm fresh ground beef on a low eat until fully cooked. Next, drain the grease out of the finished beef. Add taco seasoning and a 1/4 cup of water. Mix well until all ground beef pieces are coated.

Put the ground beef into a container. Set it near you. Also have your cheese ready because the next few steps will be quick.

So, in the same skillet as you cooked the beef, layer the bottom with a light drizzle of olive oil. Heat the oil until it is hot. Then, lay a tortilla on the bottom of the skillet and fill the tortilla with a large spoonful of ground beef.

Cover the ground beef and tortilla with shredded cheese. Then, add optional vegetables.

Now, either top with another tortilla or fold the tortilla in half with a spatula making a half -sized quesadilla. Let the quesadilla cook in the oil until the tortilla is browned and the cheese is melted. Flip quesadilla as needed. The tortilla should be a beautiful golden brown color.

When quesadilla is finished, plate and cut immediately. Choose toppings such as sour cream, salsa, veggies, more cheese – The possibilities are endless.

quick easy beefy quesadillas

An Easy Option

As you can see, quick easy beef quesadillas are an easy option for families on the go. Busy activity nights, meetings and long hours doing farm work are just a few reasons for the need to make quick easy beefy quesadillas. They are ready within 20-30 minutes. 

And you can also make these up ahead of time. They keep for a few days in the refrigerator. Cook up a bunch of them over the weekend to have on hand during the upcoming busy week. 

While they are enjoyed best sitting down with family, they are also very enjoyable on the go. 

Enjoy Them On The Go As Well

Just take them out of the fridge, heat them up for a minute or so and go to your activity. Eat them with one hand while driving the tractor. How much easier and delicious can you get? 

You will find quick easy beef quesadillas to the new favorite go-to meal for every member of your family. Not only are they delicious, but super easy to transport as well.

Now Try Making Quick Easy Beef Quesadillas…Without The Beef

Not a fan of beef? Or maybe you don’t have any beef on hand? It’s all good!

Try making them with some other meats, such as chicken, pork, or goat meat. You could even add in some eggs. Simply cook the meat like you would the beef. 

Then, follow the instructions above for making the quesadillas. It’s really that simple and still delicious. Use any of your farm fresh ingredients in your yummy quesadillas. I love using some of the delicious home grown ingredients in and on our quick easy beef quesadillas. 

Farm Fresh Ingredients

Here are a couple of ingredients that were grown with a lot of love on our farmstead.

Ground Beef – We made a decision as a family to keep one of our steer calves to feed out to for beef in our freezer. It took seven months for him to be finished, or fat enough for harvest. When he was ready, we took him to our local locker plant for butchering.

About two weeks later, 800 pounds of beef was ready to be picked up. Steaks, roasts, brisket, and ground beef that will feed our family for over a year.

The meat turned out amazing. Our local locker guys never ever fail us with the quality packaging they provide. The ground beef I use for quick easy beef quesadillas is juicy and delicious. It contains very little grease when cooked. In fact, I hardly ended up with any grease to drain when making hamburger for the quesadillas.

Our other farm fresh ingredient was for the top of the quesadilla.

Salsa – I raised 60 tomato plants last summer and yielded a ton of awesome tomatoes. The peppers and onions added into the salsa were also grown on my farmstead. With the tomatoes, I canned pizza sauce, chili base, ketchup, pasta sauce and salsa.

I planted my plants into a black plastic for weed control and fertilized them every two weeks. I also staked them so they would continue to grow well and upright along with the weight of the tomatoes.

When the tomatoes were ready to be harvested, I picked them and started canning them right away. For the salsa seasoning, I round a recipe in the Ball preservation recipe book and it turned out to be delicious on everything. I even won first place salsa at the Kansas State Fair with my best jar of canned salsa.

quick easy beef quesadillas

Quick Easy Beef Quesadillas Are A Proven Winner

They have been proven time and time again. My family just loves them. They are super easy and quick to enjoy on a busy day. 

Our busy schedules call for an easy fix when it comes to dinner time. There’s nothing more quick, easy, delicious, and filling than this quesadilla recipe. It’s also healthy. 

And note that you can fix it up however you like. Refrigerate and take it on the go with you. Use other ingredients and make it yours. 

I hope you enjoy!

~ Much Love ~



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Shane Prather

Wednesday 9th of November 2016

I'm all about a simple week night meal! And I'd eat Mexican every day if possible :)

Janine Good

Wednesday 9th of November 2016

I love quesedillas and they are fast and can be made with so many different fillings!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy

Wednesday 9th of November 2016

I love these. Sometimes when I'm in the mood I just nuke cheese in a few in the microwave.

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