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Mouth-Watering Head Country T-Bone Steak

As the end of May is approaching, it’s time to say “Buh-Bye” to National Beef Month. That certainly does not mean we have to cease the amount of beef we eat! And we eat a LOT of it!

As a beef producer and lover of the delectable and nutritious red meat, I will always continue to keep plenty of it in our freezer. We eat beef 2-3 times per week at our house. In fact, we are feeding another steer this summer and fall to butcher and replenish our freezer stash in time for winter.

As much beef as we eat, one would wonder if we get tired of the same recipes over and over. Thanks to our Oklahoma relatives, we can “spice” our steaks up a little bit more with Head Country. This Oklahoma native seasoning is similar to Lowry’s but has quite a different and delicious kick to it. IMG_0483

Here is my recipe for Mouth Watering Grilled Head Country T-Bone Steak.

Sprinkle the Head Country on your thawed, raw steaks to your heart’s content. Throw them on the grill and cook to what you like. We like an internal temp of 170 degrees, or medium well done.

Head Country T-Bone Steak

That’s it! That’s all it takes to have delicious grilled Head Country T-Bone Steak!

We paired this recipe with fresh wilted lettuce from our garden and mashed sweet potatoes from our freezer (last year’s crop).

Head Country T-Bone Steaks

Lean beef, such as our T-Bone steaks, is a delicious way to refuel your body. It has plenty of vitamins and minerals as well as a high amount of protein and amino acid chains to rebuild the muscles used during work. Plus, our beef is farm fresh raised by us. This is the best way to find excellent quality is to find a beef producer and purchase a whole, half, or quarter of beef.

Our steaks, seasoned with Head Country, is a great end to National Beef Month. If you go to Oklahoma, you can find this great seasoning, which was a nice addition to our spice shelf to season our meat. My family really enjoys it and will continue to use it until we find the next best thing!

Head Country T-Bone Steak

How do you season your lean beef steaks?

Much Love


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