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Summer Pet Care Guide

Have you considered summer pet care for your special furry friend?

Summer pet care is important to consider even before the long hot days are here. The heat of Summer brings lots of outdoor fun and travel opportunity for you and your pet.

While it’s a great time to take pets along for the fun, here is a Summer pet care guide to help you be sure your pet is as cool and comfortable as you.

summer pet care guide

Identify Pets

When you take your pet for some fun in the sun this summer, be sure to properly identify your pet. Collars, tags or electronic id chips are all good forms of identification options available.

Collars with tags should include the name of the pet, name of the owner and a working phone number.

Why should you identify your pets?

Any responsible pet owner should identify their pets. It’s common sense to make sure if your pets wander away, they can be identified and returned to you.

This is especially the case if you take pets along for a summer getaway. Neither you nor your pet may know the area you’re visiting.

Vacations Plans

Go ahead and make those vacation plans now. The more you know about your own vacation, the better you can make plans for your pet.

One option is to take your pet with you if you can. You’ll need to make proper arrangements accordingly. You’ll need to make sure your pet can stay in a cool and comfortable location during your trip.

Be sure lodging accommodates a temperature controlled environment for your pet. You’ll need to be sure you and your pet can follow the rules of the lodge before you decide if the pet gets to come along.

Another option is to board your pet. Check around for local pet spas with great recommendations. You can also see if your veterinarian boards pets at the clinic. Leaving your pet behind at a place or with a person you trust is part of enjoying your time away from them. It will ease your mind to know that your beloved furry friend is taken care of.

Cats can usually take care of themselves. They typically do not need to be boarded if you’re going on a short trip for a few days. You’ll want to be sure to put enough food and water out for the number of days they will be alone. It’s also not a bad idea to have someone check on your cat during the time you’re on vacation.

Summer Pet Care Guide

Parasite Prevention

The creepy crawlies come out before Summer. You’ll want to have your pet prepared for flea, tick & heart worm season.

Veterinary care is an essential part of the Summer Pet Care Guide. A healthy pet makes for a happier summer and home.

External as well as internal parasites will need to be managed. Have a good relationship with your veterinarian and have a parasite control program ready for the heat of Summer.

Keep Pets Cool

The days of Summer are hot. Don’t forget about your pets when coming and going this Summer.

If your pets go with you in a vehicle, NEVER leave them in the car during the Summer months. The temperature of the vehicle are WAY hotter than the outdoors. Your pet could over heat if left inside.

Pets need to be able to be cool and hydrated during the hot Summer months. If your pet is used to the indoor controlled temperatures, only let them outdoors during the cool parts of the morning or evening.

If your pet is an outdoor pet, provide some shade and plenty of water. It’s important to remember your pets during heat advisories. Keeping them comfortable is important to their health and safety.

Use A Kennel

Keep your pets safe this summer by kenneling them during festivals or events. Especially if you have an anxious pet who is scared of loud bangs.

Particularly during July 4th firework celebrations in the United States.

Any celebration with a lot of loud noises coming in and out can bother your pet. To keep your pet safe, a kennel is necessary. In the kennel, provide food, water, and bedding to keep them calm and comfortable.

summer pet care guide

Healthy & Happy Pets

Dogs and cats depend on us to care for them. It’s important that we live up to their expectation when they need it the most during the heat of Summer.

Keep your pets comfortable, hydrated and safe with the Summer pet care guide.

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~ Much Love ~


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Friday 20th of May 2016

awesome pet care tips! The only one I disagree with is kennels because, in my experience, dogs can catch illness from other dogs and it's most common in kennels or other boarding. I've heard so many horror stories about dogs catching parvo or the dreaded "kennel cough" so I would never leave my dog there ever.

Mindy Young @ Farm Fit Living

Sunday 22nd of May 2016

Good point, Tianna! The kennels I was referring to would be your own personal kennel, so spreading anything shouldn't be an issue. But, if you do board your pet somewhere, such as a vet clinic or pet spa, they usually require pets to get vaccinated for kennel cough. I have boarded my dog with no problems so as long as you keep their vaccinations up to date, it should be a-ok. The main thing is leaving pets with someone you TRUST! If you don't trust them to watch your baby, I would definitely not leave them there either. :)

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