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How to Overcome Oversleeping Past Workout Time

Have you ever woken up feeling amazing and energized. Then you realized you’ve been oversleeping past workout time for the past hour?

Oversleeping past workout time can make you feel powerless. You were so motivated last night. You had your workout clothes set out. The alarm was set for plenty of prep time for the gym.

That early morning workout hour was going to be just the jump start you needed to begin your busy day. You said you were going to wake up before the sun and bounce out of bed when that alarm went off. But, to your horror, the sun was bright and shiny on your face as you realized you overslept past workout time.

I know the feeling! It’s devastating to wake up and realize you’ve missed your workout. Now, the day has started without you. Your workout time is shot. There’s no going backwards to restart again, right?

Wrong, my friend! You can easily get back on track tomorrow. Better yet, fit it in somewhere today. Can you still find balance if you have to shuffle your planned schedule around to make room for an error?

oversleeping past workout time

Oh crap! I’ve overslept!

Yep, you did. You made a mistake. Now how are you going to stay committed and get back on track?

Sadly, I see the problem of oversleeping past workout time happen to too many people committed to their fitness goals. They accidentally sleep in one morning for whatever reason. The routine is shot and they can’t get back on track.

Oversleeping past workout time can be a difficult problem to overcome if your mind isn’t in the positive state. The trick is to find that motivation again. Easier said than done.

Finding that Balance

A major part of balance is planning out your day. If your day includes a certain hour to workout then good for you! This plan is the first step to making the change you want in your life.

But, life happens. Things happen. The second stop to making the change and staying on track is to actually do it. This can be difficult to maintain if you let negativity and mistakes distract you.

You can make mistakes. You’re human and you have a busy life. Oversleeping is not a crime. You can overcome oversleeping past workout time by practicing the following five simple tasks.

Remember Why You Started

This is the first step in getting back on track. Why did you start working out? Why should you keep working out?

Remembering why you start a project or task will help you find the motivation to begin again. Then, set some goals you can reach that will make you feel like you’re winning.

As you reach these little milestones, you will want to keep going. You’ll make more mistakes along the way and fight some barriers. Remember that you are in this for the long haul. This is a LIFE CHANGE.

So, find a way to keep going. Find some accountability to help you keep going. And make sure you’re eating right, too.

Take Care of your Diet

What you put into your diet plays a much larger role than how many workouts you do. So, it’s more important to obey your diet than your alarm clock anyways.

Oversleeping past workout time doesn’t have to make your body feel like a bump on a log all day.

Stay on track with your diet. Not only will it make you feel better, but a good diet takes care of you. A good diet enhances your mind and body.

Don’t get me wrong: I love a good doughnut every now and then. And I’m promoting those kinds of treats in great moderation. But the majority of your diet should be vegetables, lean meats and proteins, and whole grains. Each and every day.

Also, watch those calories if you aren’t able to get the workout in somewhere. Be aware that the amount of calories going in should not excede the amount of calories burned in a day.

I use a Fitbit Charge HR to keep track of my calories burned throughout the day. It’s the accountability I need to stay motivated and on track when I don’t get that workout in.

Oversleeping past workout time

Find Some Accountability

Both diets and workouts need accountability. There are a couple of ways to stay accountable.

The first is to track diets and workouts using some sort of program such as MyFitnessPal. You can add and follow friends who have the same goals as you and cheer each other on. I wear my Fitbit Charge HR to more accurately track calories burned through farm work and road running.

Set reachable short term goals. My immediate goals may be to meet a certain time for my next 5K race. If you have some goals set already, take a look at them. Rewrite them if you want. It’s not starting over. It’s moving on and becoming better.

Finally, I find accountability in friends and family. I enjoy meeting friends at the gym in the early morning. If someone doesn’t show up, we check on them. We all push each other to be better. The social aspect gives us a reason to fit workouts into our busy lives.

Twist the Schedule

Have you ever played with a Rubik’s Cube? There’s always a square that fits but you have to shuffle it around to find the right match.

You can do this with your schedule. Missed your morning workout? No problem! How can you fit something into your day.

Maybe it’s before lunch. Maybe it’s late at night. It may not be the most ideal time, but it’s an hour out of your day you aren’t wishing you could make up for. Make it happen.

If you truly want to change and meet your goals, you will find a way to make it happen. A one-hour workout is only 4% of your day. Make it happen.

Turn That Alarm Back Up

Maybe you didn’t hear your alarm. Maybe the volume was turned down low for some reason.

Ok – that was one time. Don’t let it happen again. Turn that alarm back up before you go to bed tonight!

Don’t let your mistake of oversleeping past workout time rule you. It happened, but it happened for a reason. Only you can change the direction back to focus.

You Must have Needed the Sleep

I have suffered from the devastating oversleeping past workout time. When I woke up to the sun, there it was. Greeting me with open arms.

But, I knew it wasn’t right. I scrambled out of bed and took a look at my alarm clock. The alarm had been sounding off for a whole hour. No one in my family heard it because the volume level was all the way to the bottom.


When I glanced at all the texts on my cell phone from gym friends looking at me, I didn’t feel any better about the situation. Some of them were asking if I was ok. Of course I was ok! I just slept for 7 hours!

But other texts told me I must have needed the sleep. They were probably right. Oversleeping past workout time is sometimes a good sign. Sleep is just as important for body and mind as diet and workout.

Don’t take sleep for granted either. Getting enough sleep is powerful. Embrace the extra shuteye you received this morning. Use it as a little push you need to get caught up on some life tasks you’ve been falling behind on.

Oversleeping past workout time

Life Is Not Over

Life doesn’t stop because you missed workout time.

There is still time for you to overcome oversleeping past workout time. Not only do you have the entire rest of the day. You have tomorrow.

You have the rest of your life. Figure out what you want in it. Set goals and find accountability. Remember why you started.

Enjoy the extra sleep you received and wake up feeling revived to start again stronger.

~ Much Love ~

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