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Swedish Almond Pancakes

If you’re looking for a lighter and fun way way enjoy pancakes, look no further than Swedish almond pancakes

Swedish almond pancakes are thin, light crepes that can be filled, topped and rolled anyway you like. It’s a perfect favorite breakfast option for all ages. The best part is dressing it up afterwards with all the toppings and rolling it up. 

Furthermore, the other great part of these pancakes is the delicious almond flavoring that shines through when they are griddled to perfection. And it only takes a minute or two until they are ready for you to enjoy them. 

So, these little thin pancakes are great for a sit down brunch or an on the go snack. You’ll find them easy and stress free to make. So, collect just a few ingredients, several topping choices and your Swedish pancake pan. Here’s how to make Swedish Almond Pancakes – Your family’s new favorite treat. 

Swedish almond pancakes

First of all, Here’s What You Need

– 1 Cup Flour
1 3/4 Cup Milk
3 Large Farm Fresh Eggs
– 1 Teaspoon Almond
– Pinch of Salt. 
– Optional: Favorite Toppings & Fillings

Swedish Almond Pancakes

How To Make Them

First of all, heat your pancake pan with a little bit of butter. Or you can spray it with Pam cooking spray to keep it from sticking. It’s very important that this pan stays slick and HOT!

Then, mix up flour, milk and eggs in a bowl. Add the almond flavoring and salt. You’ll want to achieve a runny and smooth mixture.

Next, with a large spoon or ladle, pour one spoonful onto the hot pancake pan. Pick up the pan by the handle and slowly rotate it around in a way that spreads out the batter to cover the entire pan. This will create a larger and thinner pancake.

After a few seconds, the pancake will be ready to flip. It really is just a few seconds in a hot hot HOT pancake pan. You’ll be able to tell by the bubbling in the batter. Same with the other side. It only takes a few seconds.

Finally, remove the pancake from the hot pan and place onto a plate to cool down. Roll up like a tortilla immediately when cooled. Keep them warm until all the pancakes are made.

Here’s a tip: You’ll want to spray or re-lubricate your pan with butter or cooking spray after each pancake for easy flipping.

To enjoy these pancakes, top or fill with your favorite ingredients. Hence, it doesn’t take long to enjoy these because they are so delicious. This recipe makes about 12 thin pancakes. You may want to double it depending on family size.

Also, these pancakes can be refrigerated or frozen for later. They make a great “make-ahead” breakfast during a busy week

Swedish Almond Pancakes

A Sweet Tradition

Swedish almond pancakes have been a part of my history since I can remember. My grandmother on my dad’s side is Swedish. She has worked hard to preserve and teach us some of the Swedish ways of our heritage. 

So, we had Dolla horses in our rooms. We attended the Lutheran church our ancestors built. And we ate Swedish pancakes. 

However, the original recipe I grew up with doesn’t use almond. It uses vanilla. So, here’s the story. 

One day, I did not have vanilla in the house. Hence, I added a little almond and actually liked it better. That’s all there is to it. And there you have it. Swedish almond pancakes. Little almond flavored crepes with a big almond taste that is sure to please the family. 

In conclusion, I love passing down this tradition of enjoying Swedish Almond Pancakes to my little ones. It is part of my heritage and history. Swedish pancakes bring back wonderful memories for me. Therefore, I’m proud to pass down the recipe to my girls because they love it. More than anything, I want them to enjoy the traditions they learn so they can pass them on as well. 

Swedish Almond Pancakes

Farm Fresh Ingredients

As always, I prefer to share ingredients I grow myself on my farm. And I prefer to use recipes that contain ingredients I can grow with love and laughter on the farm. I love to preserve these ingredients to use in meals for my family. 

So, my farm fresh ingredients in my Swedish Almond Pancakes are my farm fresh eggs laid each and every day. Other ingredients you might use from your farm include fresh milk and fresh ground flour. 

In addition, you might enjoy some fresh maple syrup or honey on top of these yummy Swedish almond pancakes. Or maybe some nuts or fruit from the trees of bushes of your farmstead. Preserves or dried fruits are also a big hit. 

Also, you could pair these hot little thin cakes up with some farm fresh sausage, bacon or ham. And don’t forget the scrambled eggs with cheese. Yum! The possibilities are endless. And it’s fun to see how everyone dresses up their Swedish Almond Pancakes. 

Swedish Almond Pancakes

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In conclusion, carrying on this delicious tradition is a dream come true for me. My girls ask for these pancakes all the time and I always remember my grandma making them for my siblings and I. So, I’m happy to make these yummies for my family as well. With a little almond-y twist, of course.

And just a few ingredients makes a fun and delicious roll up crepe in a small amount of time. It’s a great time saving hot breakfast option when you’re in a crunch. Serve these with various toppings and sides. Sides include farm fresh meats, eggs, and hash browns. The possibilities really are endless.

So, impress your family with these quick, easy and delicious Swedish almond pancakes. Pin this recipe for safe keeping, because you know they will be asking for it over and over again. Oh, and don’t forget the tangy Lingonberries.

~ Much Love ~


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