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Broken Traditions: The Eggless Easter Egg Hunt

Has your small town turned down the path to broken traditions?

Broken traditions can be a shock to anyone. It’s called change and it’s not always fun because it’s different.

Did you know an eggless Easter egg hunt is an option for Easter fun in your community?

A long tradition of hunting Easter eggs was broken when we attended the local Easter egg hunt in Hiawatha. I was looking forward to Mylee running after the kids and finding eggs filled with candy.

However, this was NOT the way it went.

Broken Traditions

The weather was frightful

Any rural community like ours is happy to see a nice soaking rain in the spring. Even if it ruins outdoor events like Easter egg hunts.

Strong rural communities don’t give up. They improvise. The Easter celebration was moved inside the Courthouse building.

The inside of the courthouse building was delightful. Packed with families and children of all ages, there was a great turnout for this Easter celebration.

In fact, all we really did was stand in line. Face painting was the only real activity for the kids to do. There would be no Easter egg hunting inside the building.

Of course, the Easter Bunny was there to take pictures with the kids.

Broken Traditions

The bunny was frightful, too!

Mylee was not impressed with the bunny. I admit, I thought he was pretty scary as well.

He/she was not inviting. This bunny made no warm gestures to the kids or showed any sort of emotion.

I tried to encourage Mylee to get closer the the bunny for a picture. But, she just wasn’t having it.

To me, the Easter Bunny is supposed to be spunky, full of energy and jolly to the kids. The Bunny doesn’t have to talk, but this one could have communicated a little bit more with expressions and hand gestures.

Neither Mylee nor I could feel the holiday spirit with this bunny. I was disappointed.

Make me a happy bunny!

Mylee did enjoy the face painting and had lots of choices for what she wanted to be transformed into.  She chose to be a happy bunny. And all the time she was getting her face painted, she was watching scary bunny from across the room.

The only other thing for the kids were little bags of candy. I’m familiar with the eggs being filled with candy for the kids to find, so this was a different experience. It seemed pretty dull. But, Mylee was excited for the candy.

I was disappointed there was no eggs for the kids to hunt. I feel like they could have been more creative and hidden eggs the courthouse. Looking around, I saw plenty of spots.

Easter just isn’t Easter without an Easter egg hunt. No matter where you are.

Broken Traditions

The real reason for the season

Egg hunts and Easter Bunnies are fun commercial traditions kids love. But the real reason for the Easter season is one I want Mylee to know and to understand.

The story of Jesus publicly persecuted and crucified on the cross is the story I want her to know about Easter. Easter morning is when he rose again to save our sins!

Easter is a holiday we celebrate as a new beginning in our lives.

I found a great Children’s Bible story book to add into her Easter Basket this year.

Also in her Easter basket: Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, Kit Kats, new shoes, jeans, and Frozen gear.

While I understand old traditions are nice to carry on, broken traditions can be an important lesson in disguise.  I understand my child does not know the same traditions I grew up with. It’s more important to make new traditions for her to enjoy each year.

Broken Traditions

New Easter Traditions

I experienced some broken traditions this year. But, Easter is for celebrating new beginnings. Since Mylee is getting older, it’s time to start some new traditions for her to remember years later.

We will celebrate the commercialized Easter Bunny, enjoy Easter candy from the Easter baskets and eat Easter Sunday dinner with family. Of course, we will hunt Easter Eggs.

But, most importantly, we will continue to celebrate Jesus rising again to save us from sin. This is what the Easter holiday is all about.

How do you celebrate Easter with your family?

~ Much Love ~

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