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Warm Winter Wear for Rural Women Who Work Outdoors

Are you looking for the best warm winter wear for rural women that is both functionable and fashionable?

Rural ladies like you and me still love to be outdoors in the Winter. Some of us HAVE to be working outside since we have livestock to care for. Even when we don’t want to be. We still have to do our jobs and live our purposes. And this is why I created this list for warm Winter wear for rural women.

Let me tell you, though. I am NOT a fan of cold weather. BUT, if I am bundled up in the right layers, I’m just fine outside. There are actually good health benefits to venturing outdoors in the cold weather as long as you are protected. 

Since I’ve worked outside in the Kansas cold my entire life, I have tried all kinds of brands and layers. I’m going to share with you what has worked for me and which brands and layers I can put on and work comfortably out in the cold. 

In this post: 

  • How to dress for the cold fashionably 
  • My recommendations for clothes for ladies who work outdoors.
  • What to wear when it’s cold that can keep ladies working hard!
  • Warm winter wear for rural women that won’t break the bank. 

Warm Winter Wear for Rural Women

Keep Your Feet Warm

Ahh – This is one of the most important! When my feet are cold and wet, all I can think about is getting in out of the cold. And that is just not productive when there is work to be done. 

So, I want to start here because this is where I like to start. Insulated socks and boots is such a critical part of winter! Here are some of my favorites:


I am a sucker for having LOTS of insulated socks this time of year. Here are the best sock options for winter:

Merino Wool Socks

Merino sheep produce the best wool, so you know you’re getting the warmest socks if wool is your thing. 

Darn Tough Mountaineering Socks

These also have a good amount of Merino Wool! Made with extra cushion for women who are out in the elements and on their feet. 

Carhartt Socks

Finally, Carhartt is the first brand I think of for cold weather gear. Of course, they have great socks to protect and fit your feet in the best and most comfortable way.


The best investment you can make for yourself is a good pair of boots to pair up with those socks I listed above. Here are the top rated boots for extreme Winters by other rural women who live and work out in cold climates. 

Arctic Sports Muck Boots – This is the brand I currently have. I’ve worn the same pair for two years in a row. 

Bogs are another popular brand. These are very trendy and stylish boots, but they keep feet super dry and warm. 

The next one recommended by other hardworking rural women is LaCrosse boots

Dunlop Thermo is the last brand I’m going to highlight. Women in the coldest climates recommended these for keeping feet warm and dry. 

What to wear in the cold weather on your hands.

Equally important to feet, hands are another limb I must keep warm while outside. If I don’t, the cold is ALL I THINK ABOUT. But most importantly, if hands are cold and wet, work can’t get done as quickly. So, I want to stress that making an investment in a good pair of functional gloves is important. 

Carhartt Insulated Suede Work Gloves – I love these. There’s a lot of different styles that Carhartt has available but these that I linked to are so cute. But they work very well, too. 

Carhartt DeFrost Gloves – These just scream warm. They are insulated with goose down and made to be waterproof, keeping your hands warm in the elements. 

Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves – Made with sturdy leather, these insulated gloves are proven to keep fingers and hands warm and dry in the coldest temperatures. 

Keep Your Legs Warm, too

I live in long thermal underwear in the winter. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of drawers as I’m writing this post! Keeping several pairs on hand to wear underneath jeans, as pajamas and underneath bibs for outdoors is great for keeping legs warm. I have even worn them to the gym and my peeps thought they were the coolest thing. 

You just can’t go wrong. I’m going to link up to the long underwear I love but feel free to shop around. I also never go outside in winter on a cold day without my Carhartt bibs over underwear and pants. 

Long Thermal Underwear

As mentioned above, I don’t go without these. I live in them. Not only are they warm just by themselves, but paired up with the below, you could stay outside for hours even on the warmest days. 

Read the reviews and study the sizing chart to order the best size for you. 

UnderArmor Compression Leggings

Are good to have to wear under bibs and long johns for chores or to the gym! I wear mine to the gym on cold mornings and they look just like spandex pants that all the ladies are wearing.

They even keep me warm just running outside on a cold morning.

Bibs are just the perfect outer covering you need. It’s just like putting on a shell and keeps the cold out! 

I actually have a couple pair of bibs. One of them is for chores and outdoor work so they can get muddy. And the other pair is for trips to town for errands or meetings or school drop offs. When it’s super cold out there, the last thing I want to feel is discomfort. I love the freedom of just throwing on my pair of coverall bibs before I head into town or have to run outside for chores.

warm winter wear for rural women who work outside


Same as legs. Hands down, it’s all about the long thermal underwear for me. But I also like the compression clothing that UnderArmor has as well. 

UnderArmor Long Sleeve Compression Top – Just like the pants above, these compression tops feel really good as it hugs your skin. It’s really light and stylish. I also like to just wear it and then put on a vest over the top. 

Carhartt Long Sleeve Top – I live in these comfortable long sleeved tops all winter long. Throw one over the top of the compression top or long underwear top on a really cold day. I always order them a little bit baggy (or I just wear my husband’s shirt). 

Carhartt Coat – The ultimate shell and protection, this coat is thick and lined on the inside. It is definitely a must-have for cold weather chores. 

Head and Face

When I go outside in the cold, I HAVE to cover my ears with a stocking cap or ear warmer. I prefer stocking caps because they keep my head warm as well. When I have to go out in a blizzard, I love Face Masks. I know not everyone loves them, but I do, so I’m linking up to one of my favorites anyways. 

Stocking Caps – I love warm fussy stocking caps that go over my ears. This cap is top rated for the coldest temps and the most outdoor cold care. 

Face Masks – For those windy snowy days when you have to be out, I love this fleece face mask and cap combination. It protects my face and keeps the rest of me nice and cozy. 

warm winter wear for rural women

My favorite layers as warm Winter wear for Rural Women

When it is super cold outdoors, I am not a fan. However, there’s places I need to be and things I need to do. Animals I need to feed and water. Meetings I need to attend.

So, as long as I am layered with my favorites from above, I’m comfortable to be outside. Here’s my layers:

  1. Socks on my feet.
  2. Long underwear or UnderArmor compression tops and bottoms.
  3. Long sleeved shirt on top. 
  4. Thermal sweat pants or jeans over the top of long underwear.
  5. Bibs on top of that.
  6. Heavy Carhartt Coat.
  7. Carhartt Gloves.
  8. Hat/Facemask combination.
  9. Boots.

It seems like a lot, huh? Again, I put all this time because the cold is not my friend. But I have animals to feed and water, so it’s imperative that I brave the cold anyways. 

And bundling up like this really doesn’t bother me too much. I stay pretty warm and toasty with this layer. My advice is to give or take a few layers. Whatever your cold tolerance is, just adjust and make it yours. And be comfortable. 

Stay Warm This Winter with this list of warm Winter wear for Rural Women

We work harder outdoors when we are comfortable and warm. Warm winter wear for rural women that many women who live in the coldest environment is all right here in this post.  These types of winter clothing can also be worn inside if something happens to your heat or your house/barn are just not heating up like you like it to. 

These are the brands and best winter boots women who work outside recommend. I’ve also stressed the importance of keeping your hands warm and dry. I hope this post helps you to make the online shopping decisions you need to know for what to wear when it’s cold. Now, you can invest in the warm clothes you need to stay safe, warm and comfortable all through the cold winter.