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23 Gifts for Chicken Lovers & Their Little Chickens, Too

Are you looking for funny, unique or useful gifts for chicken lovers in your life?

Whether the occasion is Christmas, Birthday or “Just Because I Love This Crazy Chicken Person,” you’ll find what you need on this list. These gifts are the best of the best gifts that I would want as a chicken lover and keeper. 

I’ve also included unique chicken gifts for the chickens because….why not? Chickens deserve it. They work hard for us everyday – it’s hard work to lay all those eggs! 

**Here’s 70+ Ways to Use Up Extra Eggs**

So, in this guide, you’ll find:

  • 23 ideas for gifts for chicken lovers on your list. 
  • Practical and funny chicken gifts because chickens are just funny little things in general.
  • Some easy DIY chicken gifts you can make yourself. I will also include links for these handmade items for you to purchase to save you time and maybe money as well. 

Let’s jump right into the guide and start with the quirky and funny chicken gifts. They are definitely go into the category of “things that make you go hmmm.” I hope you enjoy this guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Gifts for Chicken Lovers

Quirky Chicken Gifts

1. Chicken Legs Knee-High Socks – These are probably the silliest thing you could give someone. But they could be pretty useful when the weather gets colder and you’re looking for socks. They will warm your feet all the way up to your knees. And if you’re high up in the world of chickens, you’ll be livin’ the good life in style. 

2. Funny Chicken Cookbooks – Who knew these cookbooks were out there? I certainly did not! If you have a friend that loves chickens enough to eat them, a new cookbook might be for them. 

3. Don’t Make Chickens Mad Sign – Chickens can be real peckers. And that’s why your chicken loving friends need this sign in their life. If you know they have a place to hang it, it’s a no-brainer. 

4. Chicken Decal – Let everyone know of your chicken love…everywhere you go. Get this chicken decal on your car and roll on with your chicken pride.

5. Funny Chicken Coffee Mugs – There are several out there that had me just ROLLING! A few options for the perfect gift for your coffee and chicken loving friend. 

6. Adult Coloring Book for Stress – Wellness is everything. And nothing relieves stress like chickens. Except for a chicken coloring books. And coloring just ain’t for the kiddos anymore. This is an adult coloring book that you can sit out in your chicken yard and just be in complete zen. Say it with me: “Ahhhhhhh.”

7. Chicken Poop Lip Balm – You need this on your lips. Folks, I wear chicken poop in the winter because it is amazing stuff. There is no poop in the ingredients of this product. Only all natural stuff. Click over and read all about it. It’s all I recommend! 

8. Collection of Chicken Lovers Tees – I’ve collected a group of 30-ish t-shirts over at Sun Frog that I know will fit any chicken lover. Lots of variety in this collection. Sun Frog is a great quality company that I have used for years. I do get some commission with each sale at no additional cost to you if you make a purchase. 

Shop Through Over 30 Chicken T-Shirts Here

9. Chicken Pull Along for Kids – My kids love to take toys out to the chicken yard to play with the chickens. My youngest actually dressed as a chicken one time and pretended to be one. In the chicken coop. Ummm…yeah. Anyways, This chicken pull along is a great toy for a little one just learning to walk. And who wants to involve the chickens in the fun, too. For indoors or outdoors. 

10. Baby Teething Ring – For real…If I had known about this. My child would have fun her teeth on a chicken wing. Any little chicken lover or chicken lover’s child will have fun with this. It would make a great stocking stuffer Christmas gift or baby shower gift. 

Gifts for Chicken Lovers

Useful Backyard Chicken Farmer Gifts

11. Egg Basket for Gathering Eggs – There are so many options out there for safe egg carrying. 

12. Empty Egg Cartons – Because I’m always running out of egg cartons. And I know my other egg salespeople are just tickled when they get cheap empty egg cartons or even empty ones back for free. So, that is why I would just love to receive this as a gift! Any chicken lover would. You can’t have too many of these around plus they keep for a long long time.

13. Supplemental Space Heater for the Chicken Coop – Winter is coming, Chickens. Keep the coops warmer by installing a little supplemental heating system inside the coop. To help you decide, click the link and read through the details. 

14. Predator Guard – Issue with predators? Here is a good gift idea for any chicken lover who needs to implement some predator control. Again, click over to the link and read through all the details. You should read the reviews, too. 

15. Coop Auto Door Solar Kit – This is something my husband just couldn’t believe. It’s like a garage door opener for the coop that opens automatically with the sun. If you want to do a little coop improvement, I suppose this is what you need for your free rangers. That way, you can sleep in a little bit in the morning. 

For Chicken Hoarders

16. Extra Chicken Waterer – As you accumulate more and more chickens in your yard, you’ll need to make sure they have enough water. An extra chicken waterer would save you time if you have more than one waterer can handle. 

17. Legbands – Identify your chickens with numbered or colored leg bands. As you add in more chickens, it’s always a good idea to keep track of which ones are new, laying, eating the eggs and so on. 

18. Self Turn Incubator – For any chicken lover anxious to hatch chicks and accumulate more birds. Because we all need MORE CHICKENS in our lives. But this incubator will result in a good hatching success rate. 

Gifts for Pet Chickens

19. Coop Swing – Ok, this section was too fun. Of all the great chicken coop gifts out there, this was my favorite. Because chickens need some swing time, too. And if you have a porch swing, the chicken coop needs a swing as well. 

20. Treats – And your pet chickens need treats as well. There are lots of options to choose from. 

21. Treat Ball – Are your chickens board? Stick their treats inside of a ball and make them work for their snacks. Plus, it will keep them out of trouble. 

DIY Chicken Gifts

22. Handmade Egg Collecting Apron – If you’re good at sewing, you can make egg collecting aprons easily. 

Here’s a video tutorial pattern for making egg collection aprons

23. DIY Chicken Feeder – We have made these feeders out of PVC pipe and just a few materials. The instructions linked up are for a goat feeder, but you can use a smaller size of pvc pipe for chicken feeder. Just adjust to fit your needs. 

Read how to make a DIY Feeder Here

Gift ideas for chicken lovers

Are you still with me?

I truly hope you enjoyed reading through this gifts for chicken lovers guide as much as I enjoyed writing it. I included items that I would like to have as a backyard chicken owner as well as items I love and use already. 

So, feel free to click the super safe links I have provided to you. Have a ‘clucking good time’ shopping for that awesome chicken lover on your list! 

~ Much Love ~


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