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5 Positive Moments from 2020 that Changed my Life for the Better

Are you wondering if there’s any Positive Moments from 2020?

I’m here to share 5 positive moments from 2020 that changed my life for the better.

I think most of us can concur that 2020 was a very up and down year. I think we can agree that all of us listening or reading this today have suffered through something in 20/20. But I don’t want to talk about that today.

I don’t want to talk about how we’ve suffered. I want to talk about the good things that came from 2020, because there are some good things.

In this post, I’ve made a list of five good things that I can think of. I’m going to go into each one as kind of a way to shut down the year on a good note. I also want to start the year on in a much brighter way in the New 2021. And I’m definitely looking forward to it.

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I hope that 2021 will be a year with very much less surprising moments that’ll knock us off our feet. I hope that it’ll be a year that is a little bit brighter that we can walk through without totally being surprised every step of the way.

I think it’s important to find happiness and fulfillment through every situation, good or bad. So, friend, let’s dive in.

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1. Life Became Simpler

Life became simpler for us in 2020. And yes, you probably think rural life is simple life. But really it just seemed like we were trying to do all the things before. Life was hectic.

Along with our farm and our rural lifestyle, our kids were getting more involved in activities. Sports, swimming lessons, livestock shows, work meetings, traveling for conferences.

So if you looked at our calendar before the pandemic, you would have seen a very full calendar. It was getting to be very exhausting and I was actually sort of relieved when things were shutting down. Life had overwhelmed me. It was just getting to be too much.

So with all that shut down for a while, our life became much more simpler. But if you look at our calendar now, there’s a lot of white space. I’m very thankful for this because we have a lot happening on the farm that we can be home for and focus on. It’s never fun when you’re trying to leave for a meeting and you have an animal giving birth.

So for the most part, 2020 allowed us to simplify our life and really figure out what’s important to us and what we want to get back to doing. But also what we don’t want to get back to doing. That’ll make life a lot simpler, too. So so that is how 2020 has felt. More simple.

2. More Time in 2020

Let’s talk about how 2020 has given us more time. Let’s be real. We’ve always complained about never having enough time. I know that you’ve said it. I know I’ve said it over and over again before this whole pandemic happened. I really wish I had more time to do this and that and this and that.

Well, guess what?

This year, our wish came true and we got more time. I’m hoping that you made the most of it. We certainly did. We got a lot done around here. We planted even more garden space. We’ve tackled projects that we’ve that has been on our list to tackle for years.

And it’s made us feel really good about our place and and how our progress is going. And we’ve even almost feel like we could even expand some more, which is amazing. So so more time and not only more time with projects, but more time with family.

We’ve spent more time together.

The girls and I have enjoyed Matt working from home. The four of us have spent a lot of great quality time together. That’s been really awesome.

Also, the girls have been wanting horses forever. They’ve been so horse crazy. So this year, we finally caved and decided, well, maybe we have some time for ponies. The excuse was that we didn’t feel like we had time to commit to horses or ponies. But this year we did have the time. We didn’t have any excuses this year and we made it happen.

So in a nutshell, this is the time to see what we like, what we don’t like, etc. We’ve definitely made the most of more time. And it’s been really, really worth it that way.

3. We Saved Money in 2020

We spent less money because we went less places. We were also able to save money because we were still making income. That part of it has been incredible.

We’re just not traveling like we did before. Staying home and working has been amazing for our bank accounts despite the pandemic. But more importantly, we’ve been able to make a living from home giving to others what they need and can’t raise themselves.

We are setting really we feel like we’re sitting really well financially here better than any other year in January. The good news about that is we can keep expanding on the farmstead. So that’s really exciting, too, whether it’s an equipment or land or animals, I will keep you posted on that. But it is going to be happening.

4. More Rest in 2020

We were able to rest more. Especially in the beginning. We just kind of sat around not really knowing what was going on or what to do next.

And then a month later, I had a miscarriage and all I wanted to do was rest. All I wanted to do was just sit around and sit in the quiet and think. For hours. All we had to do was sit and think and rest.

But overall, as I look back, a much happier person now than I was then, I feel very rested and content with life. And I definitely feel like I’m in a better place mindset wise. I feel like a stronger person now. I’m happy that I allowed myself that rest.

I gave myself permission to take that time to just sit and think, because that’s definitely what I needed. I hope that you got the rest that you needed to push through strong in this year, because definitely it was needed.

5. More Clarity in 2020

I definitely have clarity now. Thanks to more time, more rest and a clearer mind, I’ve got lots of clarity for next year. I know exactly how I want to show up to my community.

And I feel like this is the year that I am going to be a shining star for so many people. I want to be the one who shows up for others when they need someone to show up for them and to give them things when they need it and to create things that they’re going to need to better their lives. I want to be that person for others.

And so with that said, I have complete clarity for 2021 that I want to show up and be a shining star for other people.

I want to Shine for Others in 2021

So that’s my word for 2021: Shine. I want to show up for my family, my community and do everything in the best way that I can. I want to be a good listener. I want you to tell me what you need. I want to be approachable to others. And I want to be like a friend that you can come to if you need someone to chat. I want to give back to the people who give back to me. And I want to be a shining star for others.

And I want to shine in my image, my health and what I can bring to others, too. If that doesn’t make you excited for 2021, I don’t know what will.

And that is why I feel like there’s some really good things that came out of 2020. We were able to live more simply. We had more time, spent less money and we rested more, which allowed us to have more clarity on what we really want and how we really want to show up for other people.

That’s what we were put on this earth to do. We were put on this earth to share with others and to help others. And that is what I am striving to do for you and for everyone that I meet. So friend, that is a wrap for this episode.

Wrapping Up 2020…And Moving ON.

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Friend, thank you so much for being a part of the Rural Women Inspired podcast Family. Thank you for sticking with me even through my break in 2020.

And I know that 2021 is going to be a bright year for us and for everyone. It’s going to be such a much better year because we have the clarity for what we need to do to make it happen. So, friend, we have the clarity from 2020 that we know what we need to do to make it happen for us. Thank you again so much for listening. I will see you in 2021. Hone your dreams on your life and I’ll see you down the road.