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Downer Days: Why You Gotta Have Them

Have you ever had one of those downer days where you wake up and everything you do from then on for the rest of the day goes wrong? Of course you have. Everyone has them.

No one can explain why. Some people think the weather has something to do with it. Whatever the reason is, you know you will get a bad day every once in a while and when you least expect it.

How do you approach downer days? Do you take it with a grain of salt? Do you stay positive and continue on with your day or do you sit in your room and sulk until it’s over? I feel you. I understand the feeling of wanting to crawl into a hole and not come out for weeks.

You probably always realize what you’re losing. Maybe you lost an animal on your farm or a pet that you were close to. All that hard work and love lost in a matter of seconds. Or maybe you have lost a relationship with someone you love dearly. We all think about what we are losing on these downer days.

But do you realize what you gain? Yes, I said it. What. You. Gain. Think about it for a minute. Maybe the relationship wasn’t quite right for you and your perfect fit was waiting right around the corner. Or maybe being late or driving behind a slow vehicle kept you from being caught in an accident, which ultimately saved your life.

Wow! Have you ever thought about that before?

Downer days really make you feel so bad, but they make you think about what you have. They make you count your blessings one by one. And the more you count those blessings, the better you start to feel. Would you have taken the time to appreciate what you have in your life if you had not had that downer day?

Here’s what you should do next time you have a downer day.

1. STOP. Sit down and take a deep breath.

2. Grab a pen and paper. Write down 10 things you love about your life.

3. Say those things out loud to yourself. Scream them if you want to. Those are your blessings so embrace them.

I hope that these tips will get you through your next downer day and find the sunshine that is hiding behind the shadows. You Matter To So Many! Jump in with both feet and take on that downer day!

Until Next Time,

Farm Fit Mama

A Voice Of Hope - FARM FIT MAMA

Sunday 22nd of February 2015

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Wednesday 4th of February 2015

Right on Mindy! Great post and everyone needs this! How we approach our downer days makes us the person we are.

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