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23 Gift Ideas for a Gardener on Your List

Looking for gift ideas for a gardener on your list for Christmas, birthday or just because?

Everyone wants to have a garden these days. But it’s not always that easy. This guide is written by a long-time gardener and garden educator (me) to provide ideas for gifts to help gardeners find success. And to have a little fun as well.

I’ve written this guide to be designed with the home gardener in mind to help them start right with soil research tools as well as management and maintenance tools. Also, there are some fun and unique wearable gifts for the home gardener that has most of these things already. 

In this guide, I will include:

  • A list of 23 gift ideas for a gardener to help them save time and money. 
  • Some uncommon garden gifts to help home gardeners gain new knowledge.
  • Gifts for gardeners who have everything already but they might not have some of the things I list. 

Now, let’s jump right into these gifts for garden lovers. We’re going to start at the basics with seed starting kits. 

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Gift Ideas for a Gardener

1. Seed Starting Kits

To make something happen, you have to just start. So, give the gift of seed starting and germinating equipment for success.

With seed starting kits, a gardener can get a head start on the growing season and start his/her own plants from seed. I’ve included several interesting and unusual gifts for gardeners who would be interesting in trying to grow something new and different. 

Jump Start Germination Station

Peat Pots for Starting Seeds

Seed Starting Tray – Self Watering

Cocktail Grow Kit 

Pizza Grow Kit


2. Planner/Journal  

Learn from past mistakes and keep track of successes by journaling your experiences with a journal like this one. Also allows for planning and mapping out next year’s garden. 

3. Soil Management Gifts

Successful gardening begins with healthy soil. Testing the properties and amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels in your soil can open up a lot of eyes and answer so many questions. 

The DIY Soil test kit can make tell you what your soil is lacking. Then, after you fertilize, work it in with a tiller to make the soil nice and fluffy for planting. 

4. Seeds 

Some of the most costly part of gardening is buying the seeds themselves. So, seeds like these are a great gift. Giving the right seeds based upon values and location is highly important.

5. Soil Temperature Gauge

Planting seeds and plants at the right times really makes a huge difference. It can solve SO MANY disease and stressed problems. So, give the gift of knowing what that soil temperature is.

6. Attire for Garden Lovers

Maybe your gardener needs a new cute coffee mug or t-shirt.  Check out this awesome tumbler for your favorite plant lover.

gift ideas for a gardener

7. Garden Tool Organizer

Never ever lose a necessary garden tool again. Stay organized with this tool organizer. It has adjustable peg locations for easy storage.

And it’s designed to keep all garden tools handy within reach and stored safe.

8. Watering Systems & Management

Managing the moisture content of your garden is one of those tasks gardeners need to do to be successful. So, I included some items to manage moisture that make cool gifts for gardeners.

The first is the 3-in-1 moisture tester. It measures the moisture content of the soil to let you know when to water. It also helps to control the pH level in soil to make sure the plants are in the right soil environment. This feature makes it one of the best gift ideas for plant lovers.

The next item is a rain gauge. Be able to get an accurate reading up to 5 inches with this one. The numbers are magnified by over 35% so you can see them better.

Next is a sprinkler system, which can be used for watering root crops and flowers.

Finally, my favorite and one of the most practical but uncommon garden gifts would be a drip irrigation system kit. Drip is a great time saving and money saving way to water any garden.

This kit I’ve linked to provides everything needed to install a water saving drip system with coverage up to 75 square feet of garden space. Click on over and check it out.

9. For the Year Round Gardener

Season extension systems come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve linked up to a popular best selling greenhouse and low tunnel system that would make great Christmas gifts for garden lovers. Or a gift for any time of the year.

The first is a mini greenhouse. This one is strong and durable frame built with heavy duty metal. It’s very ideal for limited space and comes with 3 tiers. The assembly is easy with no tools required.

The second system is an easy to use low tunnel system. This low tunnel corms a complete barrier around cold tolerant plants retaining warmth and humidity. Drawstring ends allows for desired ventilation.

10. Classic Metal Garden Labels

Always know what you’re growing with these best selling classic metal garden labels. You get a set of 25 metal plant labels made of galvanized steel. Use a permanent marker (not included) to label.

11. Kitchen Composter

An easy way to manage your compost is to keep one in the kitchen. This is Amazon’s top seller and controls odors naturally with an airtight lid and activated charcoal filter.

It’s compact, simple to use and clean and very durable. If you’re interested in composting and becoming eco-friendly, you need to check this out. It would make a really great gift.

12. Row Cover for Weather Protection and Insect Control

Floating row covers are designed to protect your plants from weather and insects during the peak of their life. It allows for some frost protection as well as UV protection. Installation is easy peasy.

For weed control, we use this wonderful black plastic. For me, who is trying to fit in a gardening business, a family, a home and a farm, who has time to weed?

Black plastic does the trick for me. It’s also great to use with that drip irrigation system.

gift ideas for a gardener

13. Pocket Pruner Multi Tool

A great gift for gardener dad would be a pocket pruner multi tool. Works well for pruning plants and shrubs. 

14 Gardener’s Tool Seats

If you want to get off your knees while you plant or weed, this gift is for you. Another one of those cool gifts for gardeners that promotes wellness.

These garden tool seats features an elevated kneeling pad that reduces aches from prolonged kneeling. Also keeps knees clean from mud and grass stains.

Another feature is that it flips over to become a garden chair so you can be in complete comfort.

It’s sturdy but light weight and folds easily and includes two pouches for tools. 

15. Garden Gloves with Claws

This was the first time I’ve ever seen these gloves but they are the coolest. No more getting dirt under those fingernails! 

The right handed glove has claws for digging. How fun is this!

16. Tomato Square Trellis System

This trellis system isn’t just for tomatoes. The gardener can use it for beans, vines, or any climbing plant. You can grow the trellis as the plant grows. Works especially well in smaller spaces.

17. Twine Gift Pack

You always need some twine for garden projects. And if you can’t get any for free from a farmer, get some colorful twine online.

Colorful is also cool if you want to color coordinate your rows of veggies. And you can also turn it into a cool DIY gift as well.

18. Knee Pads

Another wellness gifts for vegetable gardeners or flower gardeners who like to weed on their knees. Those knees won’t last forever.

Give the gift of knee pads especially made for gardeners. The material is water-resistant professional sports-grade neoprene material. It’s easy to clean and store.

gift ideas for a gardener

19. Easy Portable Fencing for Wildlife Control

I’ve had the hardest time protecting my spring garden from bunnies. The best solution I’ve found is to put a fence around it. This fencing is cheap and it works great.

It’s also very easy to transport if you want to move it.

20. Mason Jar (Made for You) Herb Garden

Do you know someone who would love to have their own herb garden indoors? This little mason jar herb garden would make a great gift! 

It arrives to you ready to be wrapped and gifted. Or enjoyed yourself. 

21. Pocket Pruners

This is a pruner that has been developed by professional gardeners. So you know they are going to be a top notch product.

These pruners are designed to make cutting with less effort possible. Perfect for trimming flowers, trees, and shrubs. Also great for senior gardeners.

22. Gardener Rolling Cart

This gift should be at the top of the list. During harvest, I filled two of these up with zucchini and had to dump them and go back for more!

So, it’s awesome for hauling just about anything you need. It can actually pull up to 1400 pounds. Also, removable folding sides allow the cart to convert into a flatbed. 

23. Chooka Boots and Skimmers

Good, convenient and reliable garden boots make unique gifts for gardeners. Chooka boots and skimmers are rubber-made, waterproof, and skid proof.

They are super easy to just slip on if you want to go out to the garden to cut some spinach for lunch.

Gift ideas for a gardener

Gifts for the Gardener Who Has Everything

Well, there you have it. My list of 23+ gift ideas for a gardener. 

As you can see, I’ve included a WIDE variety of ideas for any level of gardener. Now, the playing field is open to you and you get to decide what to do next. 

I hope this list has helped you to make a decision on some unique gardening gifts for that special gardener in your life. I certainly enjoyed compiling it for you. And I’d love to know if I’ve left anything off. Leave me a comment and let me know YOUR favorite gift for the gardener in your life. 

~ Much Love ~


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