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Delicious Nutritious Goat Chili

Goat chili is one of my favorite ways to eat goat meat. 

You might be thinking, “Ewww – I could never eat goat chili!” Believe me. I was once in your shoes.

When I was younger, I swore I would never go near a goat, own a goat or even eat goat meat. Then, in 2009, I bought three does to clear brush on our new farm.  Now we have almost 40 does we manage.

Of course, eating what we raise is important to us. I would never sell or advertise a product I would not use myself.

When I am selling my goat kids for meat, I know I am selling a quality and delicious product. I know this because some of the goats we raise, we eat ourselves.

Delicious Nutritious Goat Chili

The Goat Meat My Family Eats

One winter, in the midst of an arctic blast of negative wind chills, a baby kids’ hoof became frostbitten and froze completely off.

I kept my eye on her to make sure she was nursing milk from her mother. Even though she only used three legs, I cared about her well being.

She received no antibiotics or other medications from me. She didn’t need them. Her mother was very protective of her and took very good care of her.

The baby recovered just fine and her mother raised her for three months. She never put any weight on that leg and just hobbled around on the other three legs.

She wasn’t in any pain and adjusted well to being mobile on three legs. She was even pretty speedy, making it difficult for me to catch her when it was time for her to be weaned from her mother.

Why We Decided to Butcher a 3-Legged Goat for Ourselves

When she was old enough, we weaned her from her mom along with her half siblings and started her on a grass/grain diet to help her grow.

Our freezer was goat meat empty and a decision was to be made on which goat kid we would butcher for our own family. An easy option was the 3-legged doeling.

The thought was that no one would want her to eat or even if we sold her at the sale barn. No one else would know her story.

She meant more to us than she would to anyone else. We had seen what she had been through.

So, we decided to keep her for ourselves. 

In the fall, she was nearly 80 pounds and ready to be butchered. The local locker plant ground the meat into one pound packages for us.

The meat tasted delicious in tacos, pizza and chili. Here’s my family’s favorite way to eat ground goat meat.

Delicious Nutritious Goat Chili

My Favorite Way to Eat Goat Meat

One of my family’s favorite recipes to use with ground goat is goat chili. It is so delicious. Goat is a sweet meat and paired with chili beans and tomato sauce, really hits the spot on the cold days!


– 1 Pound Ground Goat (Browned and Drained)
– Large Can Tomato Sauce
– 1 Can Chili Beans (We Love Bush’s)
– A Can of Black Beans (Bush’s)
– Chili Powder (To Taste)
– Red Pepper (To Taste)
– Black Pepper (To Taste)


Brown the ground goat meat on a very low heat. This will retain the juices and keep the meat nice and tender.

Combine browned ground goat, tomato sauce, and beans into a medium sized crock pot.

Turn crock pot on low (8-10 Hours).

Season the soup to your liking. I sprinkle in seasonings, then stir and let it cook a while, then taste and add more if it needs.

Enjoy with some homemade cornbread, crackers and shredded cheese.

Another Benefit of Fresh Goat Meat

Although goat meat is not as popular in this part of the world, it definitely should be. After all, it is the most consumed red meat in the entire world.

It is also extremely healthy. Goat meat is low in cholesterol and high in protein and iron.

Here’s some more great information about the nutritional benefits of goat meat.

This chili is a great way to try goat meat for the first time. Please let me know if you try my goat chili recipe for you and your family!


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