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Hey, Pumpkin: Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Hey, Pumpkin,

We are in the midst of corn and soybean harvest, as well as putting food away and getting ready for the Winter ahead. Fall is always such a busy time.

But, I feel you must stop in amidst of all the business of life and have a little fun as well.

This year has been loaded with firsts as Mylee grows older and is old enough to do a few fun things our local community has to offer.

Our area is loaded with agritourism spots and pumpkin patches. We have visited four spots this Fall in our area and they have all contained fun, education, and delicious flavorful foods.

Visits to Local Pumpkin Patches

Matt’s mom, aunt, Mylee and I snuck away from the hustle and bustle of harvest and visited some pumpkin farms and patches recently. We found these tourism spots to offer so much more than just pumpkins.

Here is a recap of our four visits to local pumpkin farms this Fall:

Crockett’s Pumpkin Patch

Crockett’s is located in Missouri just south of St. Joseph. It is an adorable little market that offers homemade crafts, decorations, and fun things for kids to see and do.

They had wagons and tractor trikes for the kids to play on.

Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Mylee almost has it down, but we have some work to do on peddling.

Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Crockett’s had loads and loads of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes for sale. And look at the beautiful mums about to bloom!

Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Renyer’s Pumpkin Farm

We played for hours at Renyer’s Pumpkin Patch. There is an admission, but it includes so much fun and excitement for all ages. I was very impressed with the creativity of the play Renyer’s.

Here’s a list of all the great activities at Renyer’s Pumpkin Farm.

They used old farm equipment and tires to make play equipment, which I thought was genius. How many of us farms have old equipment and tons of old tires just sitting around?

Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Even the old John Deere was put to use. Mylee could almost see over the steering wheel.

Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Plus, the rear of the combine had been transformed into a magnificently fast tube slide!

Visits to Pumpkin Farms

They also had a “pumpkin pillow” trampoline and the corn cannon, which I participated in. It’s basically an air cannon that shoots corn at a target. So cool.

I almost hit a target. So close.

Renyer’s web site guarantees three hours of fun and we definitely achieved at least three hours. In amidst all the fun, there were weddings going on as well with the beautiful colors and decorations of October. The wonderful creativity of fun along with warm hospitality made our stay at Renyer’s one we will never forget.

Red Barn Farm

Located outside Weston, MO, Red Barn Farm is named for it’s big red barn. We ate lunch here and it was delicious. I had the pulled pork meal, which came with cole slaw, chips and a drink. Mylee had the hot dog meal with chips and a drink.

I tasted her hot dog and it was probably the best grilled hot dog ever.

They also had festive apple and pumpkin food and drink available, so we had to try the pumpkin doughnuts and the apple cider. Yum!

We didn’t do much here except walked around. Weston was having it’s Fall Festival that day, so Red Barn Farm was PACKED. There was a line for everything and everywhere, so we decided to go on across the road to The Farmer’s House.

Visits to Local Pumpkin Patches

The Farmer’s House

This cool venue is just across the highway from Red Barn Farm and it has some amazing people who volunteer to make it happen. Everything made, grown, crafted, and stirred is done by volunteers.

I picked up a recipe I’d like to try with the corn salsa I canned earlier this summer. We also bought Jonathan apples to cook with and fresh apple cider.

When I say fresh, I definitely mean fresh tasting and crisp. So delicious.

Visits to Local Pumpkin Farms

Each and every place we visited was a group or family who practiced agritourism. Agritourism is an industry in a rural, country setting, where folks can visit and learn about country life and agriculture.

Although I live in the country myself and am surrounded by these same surroundings daily, I enjoy supporting these agritourism businesses because I know how hard they work.

I also know they have a passion for this business and lifestyle. They are doing what makes them happy.

Celebrating Fall, cool weather, and good country fun is my motivation for getting out and supporting these agritourism businesses.

“Did you support a pumpkin patch or farm this Fall?”

~Much Love~


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