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Cute, Fluffy & Yellow: How Chicks Change In Just One Week

A few things have changed since I jump started my Cornish Cross meat bird chicks.

It’s amazing how chicks change in just one week. You can read about how I start them HERE.

How to Jump Start New Baby Chicks

Here’s what has changed in one week’s time:

  1. They are eating and drinking more.

    The chicks have already went through one entire 50 pound bag of chick grower crumble! I’m going to have to find some bigger water containers because they have been out the past few days when I’ve gone in to feed and water them.

    Luckily, I have the best chicken feeder to help me keep up. This girl loves to help feed the chicks.

    How Chicks Change in Just One Week

  2. They have grown taller and their feet have grown bigger.

    It does seem like the chicks’ legs and feet start to grow first, making them very awkward walkers.

    How Chicks Change in Just One Week

    I will start to limit their feed this week on Day 14. This will help them grow slower. If they grow too fast, they will be unable to walk. 

  3. Their beaks and nostrils are growing and looking more defined.

    Beaks and nostrils start to make them look more like a bird and less like a chick.

    How Chicks Change In Just One Week

  4. Their wings are longer and they are enjoying learning how they “could work. 

    It’s kind of fun watching them flap their little wings, like they are testing them out. 

  5. They are spending more time out from under the heat lamp.

    As they grow and become older, their body is regulating heat better. Before long, they will be able to live comfortably without heat lamps.

    How Chicks Change in Just One Week

The death loss of the chicks was two chicks during week one. It is fairly normal to lose some chicks in this process due to stress of movements and illness. Week two was positive since the chicks all look healthy and alert.

How Chicks Change in Just One Week

Check out week three, where I talk about moving them into a larger pen. 

I can expect to lose one to two chicks during that move, but it is necessary since they will be outgrowing their indoor tank.

~Much Love~


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