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How to Live Healthy Inside & Out with Brittia Kubeczka

Today I am thrilled to bring to you my interview with Brittia Kubeczka. She is a busy mom and wife living in south Texas on their mini ranch that includes horses, cattle, chickens, and kids. She’s also an ultrasound technician who has a growing side business that we’re going to talk a lot about. Her business is called “She the Warrior” where she helps women with their mental and physical health, but most importantly, helping them understand that they were made for more. I know that you are going to love our talk today.

We’re going to be talking about:
* What a typical day is like for her.
* What drives her daily to do all that she does
* How health starts at home with our own kids.
* Living in rural communities where entrepreneurs are sometimes misunderstood and how to get through all of that.

She’s also giving us some awesome freebies that I know you are going to want to check out videos and calendars to help keep you on track. Find out the best resource you can have living in a rural community that’s right at your fingertips. So friends, I know you’re going to love this. Enjoy!

Listen to the Episode:

How to Live Healthy Inside & Out

About Brittia

Brittia is a mom, wife and an ultrasound technologist. She also has a business, an online business of health care, helping busy women – mainly moms – find themselves within health and really growing their strength.
And that business is called “She’s a Warrior.”

They also live on a 20 acre mini ranch in South Texas with cattle, horses, chickens and more. Her past is in barrel racing and rodeo – that’s what actually brought her to Texas and rural life. Brittia moved to Texas from Southern California, which was a huge change for her.

We then move into what a typical day is like for her.

A Typical Day for Brittia

Her days are quite different and that’s because obviously her full time job is in a rural small hospital. There’s one other technologist she shares working hours with – A week on and a week off and the week that they are on, we are also on call. So basically they are working for those 24 hours for seven days at a time.

And then the weeks that she’s home, she’s working her business at home with her one-year-old daughter right there beside her. She explains that these days are a bit chaotic as a work from home mom (I can totally relate). She also has a preschool aged son that she runs to school and activities during the day.

So it kind of, it kind of rotates. It’s hard to get in an actual consistent routine with the way their work and life is set up but it works for them.

Why A Side Business for Brittia?

It sounds like she has a really good thing going with her hospital as a technician. What sparked Brittia to start this online business?

It started right after she had her son and she wanted to lose weight. This was four years ago. She wasn’t happy with this new mom body. You know, if you’re a mom, you, you realize that that change that happens right after you have a baby and everything is changed in your life, from your body to the things that you do and the way you feel and all of those things. This is what she was feeling.

Six weeks later when she began going back to work, she made a goal to get her pre-baby body back. She started with Beachbody and became a coach, realizing she could potentially make an income.

It became more than income for her. Her love of fitness and health became a passion for helping other women find their strengths and find the things that they are passionate about. She eventually left Beachbody and began to grow a more authentic health coaching business her own way without having to push products on her clients.

And that’s how it all began.

What ‘She’s a Warrier’ Looks Like Now

Her business has gone through a few different changes over the years and evolved, like all businesses do. She has tried different things to see what will work for her own clients.

Now, her business looks like a 12 week weight loss program called ‘Mama’s Going to Lose It.” And in that, as we all know, like this has been her mission and purpose is that there’s more to losing weight than the actual weight loss? There’s all of these beliefs that we have that have compounded on each other from, from when we were children. So the program is about weight loss. You get nutrition advice, you get exercises to do five days a week from the comfort of your home, like all of these things.

But the main purpose of it is to really help you see that in the big picture you’re made for more, like there’s more to you than, than you’re the number on the scale. There’s more to you than the size of clothes you’re wearing. Um, but it’s building up this confidence to, for you to see that there is more for you out there.

Encouraging Healthy Beliefs at Home

Probably for most of us, there’s all these beliefs and there’s all these stories that we’ve told ourselves that we’ve believed for a long time. And most of the time Brittia would say 90% of the time, 90% of my clients say they’re afraid to start living healthy again because they’re afraid to fail again.

And that failure gets so deeply rooted in different diets and different things that they’ve tried in different things they’d been told throughout their life. It’s about getting to that mental side of it.

We talked about {an example of this}. I’ve been struggling with my five year old and I have actually had a lifetime of struggling with emotional eating. I can see that now in my five year old daughter. She’s almost six years old and wants to eat when she’s bored, scared, worried…basically, she’s an emotional eater.

I wanted to talk with Brittia about this because we both have preschoolers, so she can relate to some of the questions I’ve been having. For those of you out there with young kids at home, healthy living starts from day one from childhood.

I asked Brittia if she had any advice for the mom out there who doesn’t want her child to follow in her footsteps of emotional eating and all that comes with it? Because for me, I was, I was that girl too. Eating out of emotion and boredom. I want both of my girls to look at food as a way to sustain them when they are truly hungry – Not as a reward or a hobby. I want to use positive words, never the words fat or anything that might make them feel negative about themselves and push them to be more emotionally vulnerable.

Here’s Brittia’s response to my question:

“So really, I would say that it’s, it kind of starts with you, right? It starts with you being that example and there’s different things you can do. Of course you could, if she is snacking, you could try to offer her more healthy snacks, vegetables, like things that are going to fill her up. I know that’s not what every kid to eat. Of course I do not have a healthy eater myself. So his meal of choice is cinnamon toast crunch cereal with all the sugar. Yeah. But maybe offering her healthier snacks. So you’re teaching her that those healthier habits is up to her to make these choices. That’s so hard for a six year old to understand and learn. But her choices now are going to compound into her adulthood and her family and her kids.”

The other part of Brittia’s response is mental. Teaching my daughter to recognize the emotion she’s facing and not masking it with food:

“Giving her the choice between like cookies and carrots, she’s probably going to always choose the cookies because she doesn’t know better and they taste good. But if you’re giving her those options like more and more and she sees that it’s still going to fulfill that. She just wants to be chewing on something or whatever her emotion is. So offering her healthier snacks is one thing. The second thing I would, I would say is to start practicing affirmation yesterday. Positive words of affirmation. Nothing that revolves around her health or her weight or anything like that, but just letting her know that she is enough. Same thing. I am strong, I am beautiful, I am healthy. Um, you know, and, and you really being able to pick up on those emotions and how she’s feeling and let her talk about those and, and that sort of stuff.”

What about Situations You Can’t Control?

Food is everywhere from the time we are kids. Brittia and I talked about the type of snacks our kids are getting at school and how they really don’t have much of a choice:

“Our kids get rewarded with sugar, you know, at school. And that’s not necessarily how we do it at home. But, um, I would explain to her too, you know, if you do get her to start eating healthier, maybe explain that at school. You know, it’s okay. Or like in my case at Grandma’s, it’s okay to have ice cream, but we’re not going to do that every day at home, you know? So that’s a special occasion. That’s something that you can look forward to at school maybe, but at home, this is how we’re going to eat, this is how we’re going to do it and this is how we’re gonna handle things.

You know, and there was something too, you know when people get, when they feel restricted. And this is something that you want to be careful of if she’s feeling restricted, if you say like you can’t have chips, um, then if they offer her chips at school, she’s going to want to eat all of them. You know? So maybe still offering her those chips, but give her a little bowl and say like, this is all you get or that you can have this little bowl of chips and you can have some grapes with it. So not, not totally being restrictive on the things that she likes and that things she eats because then she’ll take it to the opposite side and overeat and binge on those things when she does get that option.

It also can’t feel good to eat a lot of junk. So getting her to kind of understand that this had the effect on your health or you know, like my son loves ice cream and, and, and you don’t want to prompt him to say like, oh my tummy hurts after eating that. But like, just ask him like, how do you feel after eating all that ice cream now, you know?”

The Most Difficult Part of Brittia’s Journey

Brittia pinpoints her most difficult time to just being misunderstood. She, of course, lives in a small rural community where, you know, we’re from an old school farm town. Entrepreneurs (who aren’t farmers or connected with farming) just aren’t flourishing like they would in a big city? That’s been really hard for her. Another really hard part of creating a business is just getting very clear on how she can help people. And this involves a lot of marketing

How Brittia Markets Her Business

She knows that what she has to offer can change lives, but it’s putting it in in the right way that it can be received from people. Here are some of the most ways she has marketed her business that has brought her success:

* Facebook ads.
* Podcast Interviews (like this one).
* Social Media (Instagram, etc).
* Facebook Group

Let’s be honest. She is doing amazing and puts herself out there to grow her business and help others. This sparked a new topic of discussion about creating alter egos.

How to Live Healthy Inside & Out

Alter Egos

I was very curious to know how Brittia came up with the name “She’s A Warrior” for her business. I just finished reading the book “The Alter Ego Effect” by Todd Herman and it has really got my wheels turning. I’ve been wondering how many inspirational ladies I’ve interviewed over the past few years have developed an alter ego to push through their fears.

I asked Brittia if she had anything like that and here’s her response:

“Somebody had asked if there were two characters that made up your brand, who would they be? And I was like, oh, that’s a good question. You know, and I think mine would be a mix between Super Woman and Wonder Woman. I’m a very empathetic, like caring and kind of girly girl person mixed with that strong side. I think it’s for me. Yeah. Um, anyways, so like that, just that mix of like, you can do this and you’re still a real person at the same time, you know?”

Brittia’s Best Advice

“No matter where you are in life, no matter where you are in business, you’re going to be tested, you’re going to be challenged. So this isn’t something that is like, oh, I did this and then everything changed. You know, like this is something that I continue to work on personally and I think that everybody needs to, or we’ll have to come across, you know, again or eventually.

And that’s just really being connected to the reason why you’re doing it. To understanding your values and, and really not being willing to give up on that. And so for me, that’s where whenever things get hard and when things get tough, one, I’m not a quitter, so that’s always in the back of my mind. Like, if I quit, you know, like go to your worst case scenario, am I willing to, to give that up? Am I willing to quit this? For my worst case scenario and the answer is always no for me.

I know that what I have to offer can change women’s lives. I know I can change my life and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to, to make that happen, not only for myself, but for my family, for my husband, for my kids, in order to live the life that I want to live. So it’s just really being connected to your values and to the reason why you started in the first place. Yeah. So it’s all comes back to that.

Why that why factor? Because the truth is like life happens and sometimes a bunch of lives happens like all at once and the disasters real and you’re like, why am I doing this?”

This is what Drives Brittia Daily

It all comes down to the “Why.” Everything we do in life starts with a why.

Brittia says this is the key to staying on track, or getting back on track:

“It’s all coming back to that. Why, why you started and if it’s even worth moving on, right. And, you’re not wrong. I mean, if you have to set something aside and handle life, you know, that’s not wrong of you to do. There’s never a real wrong answer. Maybe the time will be right to pick it back up and continue it on and maybe that’s just not, you know, where your priorities are right now. Um, so that’s, that’s something that everybody has to choose, but, um, you know, there, there’s a reason why we start these things and for the most part it’s not because we’re bored or we have nothing to do.”

Best Advice for Someone Struggling

We all have struggled with our journeys in everything we do, especially weight loss. It’s definitely a long road and not always easy.

I see it all the time as a group fitness instructor, so I wanted to ask Brittia what her best advice is when she sees someone struggling to get back on track. Here’s her answer:

Well I have a few options myself and I would first say I would recommend getting those buddies, like joining my community where there’s other people that are on the same journey and same mission that are kind of understand where you’re at now. It’s one thing to have family on board or friends, you know, on board, but it’s another when there’s like a whole group of women that are trying to do the same thing and you can feel a deeper connection there and it’s not just your friend telling you what you want to hear, her husband trying to pass it by you or somebody saying, oh, you don’t need to lose any weight. You look just fine where you’re at. Like that’s them projecting on you.

But also I have a freebie which we can offer everybody here. It’s just a short video on how you can create these habits that will lead to lasting changes. And that’s outside of dieting and extreme exercise. So you can, you can get that free tracker for everybody here. And then also I have some calendars that are coming up and that’s just too, if you’re just getting started and you’re like, I don’t even know where to start. First thing to start is just to start and do something. I’m creating these little habits every day. Like I said, you know, when we were talking about your daughter, just these little habits every day can have when they compound on each other and they have massive effects in the future. And that may not be in five days or five weeks, um, and maybe five months before you see anything. But we’re talking about a lifetime here and we’re talking about, you know, the kind of effect you want to have on your children and the kind of effect you want to have in your business. So these little things, and that’s where I would say to start is just by getting these calendars and having that community there.”

How to Get Back on Track When Life Happens

I’ve also seen women doing very well with their fitness journey (or this can be applied to anything) and then life throws them a blow. That is hard to watch but I know it happens. So, I wanted to hear Brittia’s response to that as well:

“That goes back to reconnecting with your why. Something’s going to happen and you fall off. But if you are working on your mind, if you can get back to yourself and, and using those affirmations and you’re able to catch yourself when you’re starting, these negative beliefs are coming back. That’s where the magic happens.”

Brittia is Excited About…

Brittia is excited about reaching more women and really having the impact on them. She’s a very futuristic thinker and she’s excited about continuing to grow her business.

Favorite Tool or Resource She Uses Daily

She’s a big note taker and she has multiple calendars. She takes her paper calendar planner that I take everywhere with me, but she also uses a Google calendar. Schedule time in for yourself daily. So whether that means you get five minutes in the morning to journal or five minutes in the morning to meditate, put it in your calendar, schedule it and set reminders and planet and, and show up for yourself. And if you constantly are making these plans and canceling on yourself, um, that’s just enforcing in your brain that you’re not going to show up.

How to Live Healthy Inside & Out

Best Advice She’s Ever Received

The best piece of advice she’s ever received is to really be yourself and not let any outside influences deter you from your dreams and the way that you’re showing up in the world. She believes this advice holds so much power. If you’re talking about your weight, if you’re talking about your business, people aren’t gonna understand you, right? That they’re just not fully going to understand and you have to do the things that make you happy because at the end of the day, this is your life and the way that you’re showing up in the world is impacting everybody around you. So you have that choice of, of how you want to show up and how you’re going to affect the people around you and the world around you. That’s really great advice!

The One Thing We All Need in this Life

Brittia and I both believe that there’s so many outside influences and people telling you all the ways you should be doing things and could be doing things and there’s rules to follow and all of this. You have to just forget about other people because at the end of the day, their opinions about you don’t really matter.

I want to share a quick example of this that Brittia and I talked about – Facebook groups. I see a lot of this going on in like Facebook groups that I’m in. Where somebody will post because they’re looking for empathy or advice on something. Sometimes it’s an emergency, sometimes it’s something heartbreaking that they’re going through. Then, I will see all kinds of naysayers comment.

My biggest question is: Is Facebook really the place to be turning to these kinds of communities when you’re hurting? Is it really the place to be turning to when all of this happening in your life? Don’t you have real people in your life that you can turn to instead of people you don’t know very well at all? Or is it easier because you don’t know them?

We think it’s a little bit of both because we are so detached from real life interactions because Facebook and media has made it so easy. But two, it’s because we are always so busy now. We’re too busy for friends, we’re too busy for going out girls night. So it’s like we’re too busy for these real life interactions and social media has made it so easy.

And also it is that sense of, “I don’t know these people, they don’t know me. Like I can just throw this out there and I’m hiding. I’m hiding behind the keyboard.” It’s so easy to hide.

So this, we think that lack of friendships and loneliness these days is a real issue in our community. So how do you make time for leisure or friendships? Some suggestions: Girls’ nights, family time, retreats, lunch/meals, etc. Just try to make time for yourself and invite a friend to come along!

Here’s Brittia’s answer: “So, you know, I, I think it is important to make that personal time and to get that. But I live in a small town. Most of my friends live in other states. Um, the closest one is about two hours that I would call a really good friend, you know, so it is harder to have that, that in person interaction, especially if you do live in a small rural community. But finding those people, whether that be online or in person, um, and making time is extremely important. Absolutely. I believe that’s the biggest, most important resource you can have is his friends that you can turn to. And you know, whether it be your spouse or, or friends or, you know, other moms from the school that you can be friends and things like that. And someone like that.”

When Spouse/Family Doesn’t Support You

This is the worst feeling in the world. When someone you love doesn’t support what you are called to do. I know this feeling and so does Brittia. And so do many of you! So we talked about it.

Here’s Brittia’s experience with it and how she has overcame that feeling of unsupport: “He didn’t understand it. Coming from other rural, small farm town communities, your husband may feel the same way about that. Many rural towns don’t really understand entrepreneur-ism and the men I think don’t fully grasp what we go through as as moms and women and business owners and trying to do all these things and, and we really put on that wonder woman, Kate, you know, and we just do it. So I think it is very important for us to try to step out and find those people. And for me really it is a lot, a lot of friendships online, a lot of people that I can reach out to. I have a lot of really good, um, support friends I guess on, on Facebook and I know that I can reach out to them.”

When your spouse doesn’t understand or believe in what you’re doing, it’s really disheartening. And I (Mindy) struggled with it for several years because Matt thought I was wasting my time. But, in the past year, he’s been starting to come around to the idea now that I’m making a little money from my store. But he’s still not my audience…and I get that. Your spouse might not be your ideal audience and that’s ok. If they see you’re living your passion and it’s making you happy, they will eventually support what you’re doing. You just have to push through.

Wrap Up & Resources

Brittia gave us so much great advice today for how to live healthy inside and out. If you want to follow her and see what she’s up to, here are the best places to find her:

Instagram: brittia_warrior
Facebook: She’s a Warrior, The Village
Facebook: Brittia Kubescka

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