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Simple Garden Tools List for Home Gardeners

Looking for a simple garden tools list?

I know you know the basic essentials for plant needs include: Soil, Water and Sunlight. But what else should you have on hand to grow a garden? 

If you’re new, you might be asking yourself, “What do I need to grow a vegetable garden?” Or if you’re just wanting to grow, you might be asking, “What tools do I love and need to grow and stay efficient and in balance in that growth?” 

Well, you might not know about every single tool out in the world for a home gardener. And you probably already know what you need and what you don’t. I’m including three lists of the best essential garden tools and products linked up to help save you travel time and money to get them for you whether you’re a beginner or a large gardener. 

In this post, I’m going to share:

  • A simple garden tools list for home gardeners at 3 different levels.
  • Gardening 101 for gardeners at 3 levels.
  • A few tips for vegetable gardening for beginners.

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simple garden tools list

Small Gardens

Many of us just want a small garden to take care of. We don’t want to be overwhelmed with gardening. We just want to enjoy it. 

So, if this is you, you may just have a small garden. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some basic tools to help you succeed and grow what you want. 

Garden size at the small level is less than 100 square feet in size. I’m listing below a list of basic gardening tools if you have a small garden. And I’ve linked each tool to a page where you can buy the item I recommend to help you save shopping costs and time. 

So, now you know the basic supplies for growing a garden. And maybe you’ve been gardening for a while. You love it and want to grow a bigger one. What tools would you need to have at this level?

Medium Sized Family Garden

Whether you’re jumping in to a garden of this size or you’ve been gardening for a while and stepping it up, you’re going to encounter some new problems you didn’t face before. 

As you branch out, you’ll probably notice more harmful wildlife taking part in your garden. I mean utterly destroying it. So, I include fencing for wildlife you can purchase to help you control animals such as bunnies and deer that might want to eat your veggies. 

I also include a garden tiller so you can be more efficient in making sure your garden soil is a nice fluffy seed bed for proper germination and growth. 

So, if your garden is bigger than 100 square feet but smaller than 1,000 square feet, you might want to invest in the following:

Ok, so let’s say you are even a step above that. You’re getting really hard core here! Let’s look at some tools that might benefit your efforts. 

Super Large Gardens

Of course, this is for home gardens that are more than 1,000 square feet in size. If this is you, you might be past the basic gardening tools for beginners and looking at items for season extension or just things that will help you be more efficient. 

If you have a garden this large, you are clearly either providing for others and/or trying to make it a business. In this case, you may be interested in season extension items to help you maximize that efficiency. 

So, here are some items that I think you would greatly benefit from if you have a garden this size. 

More Gardening 101 Resources For Gardening at any Level

Now that you know the simple garden tools list, check out these resources to prevent problems through the garden season. Problems might include:

  1. Insect problems – Read here about my Green Tomato Hornworm Problem or my Cabbage Pest Problem
  2. Diseases
  3. Space issues
  4. Stunted or yellow plants

Thinking about these issues early in the season can help you control these issues. You’ll have a better garden season abundant with produce crops through the entire season if you follow these guides ahead of time. They are just gardening tips and ideas to get you started:

Simple Garden Tools List

For Simpler, More Efficient Gardening

This post is a sample chapter in my book Smart Gardening Made Simple. You, too, can learn all the simple steps for becoming a smarter gardener.  

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