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How to Travel Alongside Pets this Summer

Why wouldn’t you want to travel alongside pets this summer?

Travel alongside pets on vacation this summer and make unforgettable memories. If your pet is like mine and part of the family, maybe you want to take him/her along on vacation.

I’ve taken my pet on vacation a multitude of times. It’s totally doable.

If you just can’t leave your pet behind, it’s ok. But, there are some considerations you should think about first before you go out on the road with your pet.

travel alongside pets

Reasons to Travel Alongside Pets

Why travel alongside pets? Maybe you don’t have a way to board your pet. Perhaps you don’t have anyone to care for your pet. Or you just want your pet along for the ride.

The good news is, you CAN take your pet on vacation.

Really, you don’t have to leave your pet behind when you go on THE RIGHT vacation. However, you do need to keep your pet’s needs in mind way back into the planning stages.

Here are some considerations to check up on before making the decision to travel alongside pets.

Make Sure Lodging Allows Pets

If you are staying in a hotel, resort, cabin, etc., be sure these places allow pets inside. Your pet needs to be able to come inside with you. I’ll explain more on that in a moment.

This is important to consider in the earliest planning stages because many many options do not allow pets. But, there are also plenty of places that do allow pets. You’ll want to be sure you’re choosing the right pet friendly place.

Communicate with the owners and managers of these “pet-friendly” lodging places to make sure your pet is good to go to stay with you.

On the other hand, the best options to avoid trouble with lodging is to take your own camper or prepare to camp out. Keep in mind that the scorching weather is a major factor here in the heat of summer.

Pets Should NOT Stay In Vehicles

No. Just no. For obvious reasons. This is why animals need to stay with humans in a comfortable location when on vacation.

It’s HOT out there. Animals acclimated to air conditioning need air conditioning. Pets used to outdoors still need shade. They need free-choice access to water.

This is an important point. Pets need to stay cool in the heat of summer. Vehicles can become deadly heat traps for pets who have to stay in them. Even with the windows down, pets can just become too hot inside vehicles.

Because of this, please plan your itinerary to have your pet with you or in a nice cool place at all times. When you site see each day, you might just want to leave your pet behind in a portable kennel at your pet-friendly lodging of choice.

travel alongside pets

Stopping Points Should Allow Pets

When you are planning your travel and road trips with pets, be sure to make pet friendly stops. Again, take your pets out with you during these stops. Find some shade for them and make sure someone is with them at all times. They should never ever stay behind in a hot vehicle.

Another reason you should find stopping points that allow pets is because they need breaks, too. They need to stay on their feeding schedule. They need exercise and potty breaks.

Keeping your pet comfortable and on schedule will help him/her be more comfortable with travel.

Equipment To Take Along

There are several pieces of equipment that are no-brainers to take along for your pet to help them feel more at home. Here is a list of equipment items that are must-haves for pets on vacation.

Collars with Identification
Food & Water Travel Dishes
Favorite Toys and Blankets

These are MUST-HAVES for pets on vacation. You can take any accessories or toys along your pets love and will help him/her feel more at home while on vacation.

I must stress the importance of pet identification. Remember that pets are still animals. Things happen and your pet could get scared, run away and not be seen again.

To prevent this from happening, properly identify your pet. You could even consider an EID chip if there’s a chance your pet could lose a collar or ID tag. Electronic Identification chips can be inserted by your veterinarian. If lost and then found, your pet will be able to be identified when a chip reader finds the inserted chip.

You’ll also need to have your vet check your pet and update your pet on any vaccinations they require. It all comes down to making sure your pet will remain healthy and happy while on a fun vacation with you.

Keep Them In Mind When You Travel Alongside Pets

When you travel alongside pets, remember their needs over your own. Don’t travel alongside pets if their needs will be under met.

In addition, if there’s any reason their basic needs will be under served, consider boarding your pet. Or plan a different pet-friendly vacation. It’s not worth something bad happening to your pet while out on vacation. Plan according to the needs of your pet.

In conclusion, basic needs include keeping them cool and comfortable with plenty of water, exercise and love. When pets’ needs are met, they will have just as much fun as you on your vacation. Know what your pet needs, meet those needs and have a great vacation!


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