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5 Ways to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitude

If you’re searching for ways to improve your life then this episode is what you need. I’m sharing the 5 ways I’ve found help me have an attitude of gratitude, even when circumstances are less than ideal.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How I’ve made being actively grateful a priority
  • One of  my anxiety management techniques is practicing gratefulness
  • How I’ve found my place in this world through this journey 

If you’ve been listening to my podcast lately then you know I’ve struggled with anxiety for most of my life. I’ve struggled with anger, not feeling like I belong, or I’m worthy, and absolutely I’ve struggled with any sense of self love. However, through practicing gratitude I’ve found I’m less anxious and I’m living my life in a more positive way. This hasn’t been an easy journey and I have wavered and slipped up along the way but through the process I’m sharing with you today I’ve seen and felt the difference in myself and in my life. So with this episode is also my challenge for you to use the gratitude activity worksheet I’m providing below to begin you own daily gratitude list.

The 5 Ways


The first thing I do in the morning when I get up is to find a quiet spot to sit down. I make a cup of herbal tea with orange juice or a cup of coffee and sit down. I go to a spot in the house where I won’t be disturbed or found so I can really be in the moment.

Connect With Your Higher Power

During this time you’re going to want to connect with what your higher power is, whether that’s God or Jesus or the Universe, whatever that looks like for you. During this time you’re basically going to practice meditation, just pray and thank God for everything. I thank Jesus for being my Savior and creating me. I thank Him for everything I have in my life and that includes my goals. For example one of the goals I have is to build a barn for our daughters show animals. A place for us to spend time as a family, working with the animals, and being their when they have their babies. So when I’m sitting down I thank God for our barn, I visualize that we have it already and how grateful I am for it. It feels odd at first and it’s a skill that takes time to develop, even just the stopping and connecting part can be difficult, but just try it for a week and see what it does for you. I like to spend 10 to 20 minutes each morning.

Write Down What You’re Grateful For

Once you’ve done that I want you to take your attitude of gratitude worksheet or just a sheet of paper and write down what you’re thankful for each day. This could be something you already have or that you’re envisioning happening or having. So keep in mind when you’re doing this that you’re wanting to write what you’re grateful for in such a way that it’s already happened. For example, when I’m feeling grateful for my barn I’m writing it like “I am so grateful for our barn where we’re able to have a safe, warm place for our animals and where we enjoy spending time together as a family.” When you write it down in this context you’re inviting the circumstances that will make that happen into your life which is so important.

Now the next part of the worksheet is something that may seem even a little harder for you.

Write Down What You Love About Yourself

I want you to write down at least three things you love about yourself. I started practicing this because so much of my life I have spent feeling out of place, wondering where I fit or belonged in this world. I was born to young parents, they were in their first semester of college when I was born and our community was rude to them and told them they wouldn’t amount to anything and I wouldn’t amount to anything because they were so young but now we both having thriving businesses. So as I began to practice the gratitude I realized I needed to practice self love as well. I was so busy being scared, anxious, or angry that I had to actively fight against it. I had to actively work on finding pieces of myself that I love. This is one of the most important aspects of this practice because it’s going to speak directly to how you see and feel about yourself.

Write Down What You Can Do For Someone Else

There are so many great ways you can give back to your community and family. Whether it’s reading your child a book, praying for someone in your community that needs it, helping your spouse with a project, or making a meal for someone in need. I have an episode on ways to give when you don’t have a lot of time or money and it is available below. Giving doesn’t always need to be monetary, any way you can give counts. The episode on ways to give back is linked below.

In Summary

I want you to walk away from this episode with a couple of lessons.

  • Be grateful for the things you have and the goals you’re working towards.
  • Stop fighting your circumstances. Embrace them as they come, each will teach you lessons to help you in the weeks, months, or years to come. 
  • Give yourself time to practice gratitude and make it a habit. You will reap the benefits of it. 


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