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A Podcast for Rural Women with Mindy Young


Have you been dreaming of a podcast for rural women that tells the true inspiring stories of rural life? Look no further!

A podcast for rural women is here. Rural Women Inspired is now available for you to subscribe and listen to the stories of a special guest every single Monday.

A Podcast for Rural Women

What Is Rural Women Inspired?

Rural Women Inspired is a podcast featuring the real stories from real rural women. Everyone rural woman has a different story to tell. Lessons learned. Failures. Excitement.

Every Monday, you’ll hear a new episode with me interviewing an inspiring and remarkable rural woman. This first episode delves into the vision, structure and future of the Rural Women Inspired show. You’ll also find out more about the host of the show: Mindy Young!

Why Rural Women Inspired?

I LOVE podcasts! I listen to them all the time wherever I am. And sadly, there were no podcasts for rural woman. None.

So, why not start an interview podcasts where we can all listen to the real stories of rural women?

I knew many women listen to podcasts, so it was only fitting to create a podcast for rural women. Something they can listen to and connect with a guest. Or to gain some ideas for achievement.

Finally, I feel like a podcast for rural women will help to tell the story of rural life of agriculture. I know this is important. Many women are too afraid to step up and tell their story. I’m here to help them do so and to be inspired to take the next step.

Interview Flow

First of all, I will introduce the guest of the show and she will give us a success quote. I felt like it’s an awesome way to start off the episode with something super positive.

Next, we transition into her failure/low points. We’ll discuss the steps leading up to that point and how it changed her journey.

I’ll ask her what she learned from this time? Because even I know from experience – The time of failure is a time of learning opportunity. And it usually always leads into that “light bulb” moment.

And then, we talk about that favorite “Light Bulb” moment. The moment that did really change everything. How did it change her day-to-day?

We talk about the day-to-day in the life of a rural woman. This is what makes the episode special because every rural woman lives her day-to-day life differently.

Then, we will talk about what our guest is most excited for? What does the future hold for her? Her family? How might her life be changing? What are her goals?

Along with that, what are the #1 barriers holding her back from achieving those goals? These are all lessons we can learn from.

Finally, I lean towards the end of the show with a series of useful nuggets of information that we can all use. Personal habits. Best book recommendation. And my very favorite – If you woke up tomorrow and acquired a plot of 10 acres + $1000, what would you do?

Overtime, the questions of the show may change. But the interview flow will always be there to tell the best story possible.

My Goal for a Podcast for Rural Women

To celebrate the diversity in how we live throughout the world. Through those diversities and lessons, we can unite and support each other.

I’m so excited that God has blessed me to bring this show to you. I will strive to bring you quality content.

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Please Contact Me

I want to hear your ideas for guests and stories to bring to light. Please contact me if you want to reach me:

I hope you Hone Your Dreams, Own Your Life, And I’ll see YOU down the road!

~ Much Love ~



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