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Build Your Rural Sisterhood with Elizabeth Shipstead


 Do you feel alone out there? Or even in your small town? Need help to build your rural sisterhood?

Build your rural sisterhood virtually! Episode three will be featuring Elizabeth Shipstead. And she knows all about how to build your rural sisterhood online. 

You see, Elizabeth is the mastermind behind and the Rural Sister Community Facebook Group. And both of these pages are places for rural women to join and find a supportive community.

First of all, About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is from Northeastern Montana where she farms with her husband and two little daughters. They raise peas, wheat, canola and cattle. 

Build Your Rural Sisterhood

And a Piece of Advice from Elizabeth

From Michael Hyatt: “Balance in life is similar to physical balance, such as standing on one foot. If you only stand on one foot, that one foot is constantly adjusting.” 

Another good piece of advice: “With God, nothing is impossible.” 

Next, low points through the journey

She didn’t grow up on a farm so she learned everything she now knows since meeting her husband. She was thrown head first into farming. And that first year was very tough:

  • Learning to be flexible
  • Adjusting
  • Learning that everything with farming is unpredictable and can change at any moment. 

And she let stress really dictate reactions. Lots of hardships to overcome and learn from. 

Furthermore, how did she overcome the low point

So, she overcame that low point by writing on her blog about her stresses and building her community of supportive sisters. 

Readers followed her and commented on her posts. Hence, this was the beginning of building her online community. Of course, she also built friendships in her own Montana community. 

Furthermore, God helped her overcome the low points. And from there, her rural sisterhood community was born. 

Then, Elizabeth describes the “Aha Moment”

Probably realizing the need to create community. Elizabeth had been a part of other Facebook groups and wanted to start her own. She wanted her group to be full of whole hearted rural ladies – free of heated debates and full of support. 

She and other original group members created guidelines to follow to make the group stay true to it’s goals. It’s a great place to connect! 

What is one thing that Elizabeth Struggles With?

Probably balance! Juggling a farm, family, home and business is difficult. 

So, she has created some boundaries for staying present with her family:

  • First of all, setting up her online hours schedules
  • Then, staying true to those hours and staying offline when the family is there.
  • The Group App has been great for not getting sucked into the Facebook News Feed. 
  • Finally, understanding that it’s the little things that matter the most. 

Consequently, what is Elizabeth most excited about?

  • First of all, continuing the success with her business and her community. 
  • Then, applying everything she has learned last year and implementing it this year. 
  • As a result, creating a devotional for her rural sisters. 

So, what is holding Elizabeth back from reaching her goals?

Feeling qualified to writing a devotional. 

In addition, a quote from Christine Cain: “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” 

So, this inspired her because she gained the confidence that God will qualify her and equip her to write a wonderful devotional for her rural sisters. 

Best advice she’s ever received

Probably to always go back to what is the most important. To Elizabeth, it’s her faith. So, she always checks in with God to do what’s important. 

Also, learning from your mistakes is huge. Because lessons are so important to learn and overcome to move forward. 

Furthermore, Her Best Personal Habit

Getting up early was really hard to do at first. It was a big adjustment. But having that time to herself really made a difference. 

By getting up early, Elizabeth can have some precious time to herself:

  • Praying and talking with God
  • Reflecting on her day
  • Checking in with her community
  • Reading something amazing

So, it’s all about finding that time for yourself that works for you. Make it happen to build your rural sisterhood and support yourself!

Best App or Resource

Trello = Evernote + Pinterest. With Trello, you can create boards and keep track of things like:

  • Bills
  • Important dates
  • Farm Records
  • Daily To-Do Lists
  • Goals
  • Can Share Boards
  • Organizing your life! 

Take this Trello Training to learn all about it.

And, Favorite Physical Tool

Her planners are her favorite tool. She has used several to keep her organized and on track.

** Giveaway for Ruralites: Get Elizabeth’s planner resource guide for FREE. A guide that compares and contrasts different planners. How exciting!

Also, journals have been helpful to her recording those important moments that happen.

Favorite Book

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. It’s all about celebrating the extraordinary nature of everyday life.

how to build your rural sisterhood

And, If Elizabeth woke up tomorrow, acquired 10 acres and $1000, what would she do?

Cows are our focus right now. Therefore, she would put the money towards buying new cows. And the 10 acres could also be fenced and grazed or used for hay.

Another place she could put the money towards is updates to her home.

In Conclusion, Some Parting Words of Wisdom

Most of all, find your tribe that supports you and build your rural sisterhood. In addition, don’t go it alone – Someone else is or has struggled, too.

Finally, Contact Elizabeth

Facebook: Elizabeth Shipstead

Facebook: The Rural Sisterhood – This is a SECRET group.

Or Join the Rural Sisterhood Community HERE

And her Web Site: The Rural Sisterhood

Sister to Sister Calls

Finally, Email Elizabeth

Catch Episode 1 & Episode 2 of Rural Women Inspired!

Ruralites, hone your dreams, own your life and I’ll see you down the road. 

~ Much Love ~




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