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5 Country Family Fun Things To Do This Fall

Are you already starting to think about some country family fun things to schedule?

You should be! Country family fun things to do during the Fall season is all around you no matter where you live. If you live in a town or in the city, come to the country for fun fall activities.

You might think of Fall as the time for harvest, cooler weather Halloween parties and football season. The cool breezes are already starting to make their way into the air. Everyone is starting to pull out their colorful Fall décor: Reds, oranges, browns.  Fall is almost here.

For myself as well as other ruralites, Fall is a time where we become like squirrels preparing for winter. Harvest, storing, planning and selling can consume our lives during this season. 

But, I am a huge advocate for balance. My motto is work hard, play hard. There’s nothing more beautiful, relaxing and humbling than Fall in the country. And there’s so many great outdoor fall activities for all ages. 

All you have to do is look. In this post, I’m going to give you: 

  • My TOP 5 things to do in the fall.
  • Some great sources to find those fall activities for families in your area. 
  • The importance of planning country family fun things to do amidst the busy season. 

country farm family things to do this fall

Free Fun With Leaves

Those pesky Fall leaves can be so overwelming, right? Not anymore! 

It’s time to make leaves one of the top 5 country family fun things to do. When they cover your yard, rake them up and take turns jumping into the piles. It’s free and so much fun! Simply rake leaves into a large pile. Then, everyone jumps in for some great fall outdoor play.

I know, I know. Super fun and too good to be true. There’s many more games you could play in the leaves with the whole family. You can also make it into a contest where the family jumps over the leaf pile. Or maybe even make piles into a diamond and play leaf baseball. Just a suggestion.

Make it however you want. Think outside the box and create your own great leafy memories with your family. 

Another thing you can do with leaves is make crafts with the kids. There’s a ton of cool ideas to be found on Pinterest pertaining to simple autumn crafts to make and country family fun things to do with leaves. 

Finally, gather the leaves and put them in a place to dry or compost as organic matter for the garden. Don’t let the over accumulation of leaves consume family fun. Because as soon as the work is complete, it’s time to hit up that fall fest and enjoy country family fun things. 

Fall Festivals

Many small towns have Fall festivals with many activities for the kids. Some of those activities include crafts, games, and scavenger hunts. There may also be garage sales, bake sales, and other shopping experiences for the avid shopper.

And you should make attempt to attend your community’s fall festival. Why? 

Because small towns have the best festivals. That’s why. 

In fact, many small town festivals were started years and years ago when life was good and families wanted a little bit of fun in between summer and fall harvest. Traditions were started and carried through the years by a number of people in the communities just looking for some country family fun things to do . 

And it’s amazing to me how a small amount of people can continue to come together to plan such an event that will bring in thousands of people from near and far. Over time, fall festival traditions are carried on to the next generation to enjoy. 

More than likely, there’s something for you and your family to enjoy at your local fall festival. So, step out and make a plan to attend one this fall. 

country family fun things
Pumpkin Patches

It’s not Fall without pumpkins to carve and pumpkin seeds to roast. Check out my favorite recipe here. One of my favorite childhood memories of fall was going to the local pumpkin patch and picking out the biggest pumpkin I could carry.

Then, I took my pumpkin home, opened up the top and scooped out all the insides and seeds. I chose a pattern to carve and used a sharp knife to carve out that pattern into the side of my pumpkin. 

If you have younger kids who want to carve pumpkins, you might consider this option using a drill bit. It’s a little bit safer for them than a carving knife. And it allows them to get in on the pumpkin fun as well. 

Pumpkin patches are obvious fall treats. Here are some pumpkin patches in my area that we try to attend each year that are a ton of fun! 

And here is another fun option you might not know about that your area may offer for country family fun things to do this fall. 

Petting Zoos & Working Farms

Whoa! Did you know about these hidden gems? 

Many small farms offer special days in the fall where you and your family can come out and experience demonstrations for how the work is done.

For example, you and the kids can milk a goat, see how cheese is made and how sheep is sheared. The kids can feed animals a handful of grain.

This is a great option if your kids haven’t been around a farm before. It’s a good idea to expose them to farm life as much as possible. And working farms are a great way to do this. 

Some working farms even have days where they harvest crops with a combine as a demonstration. This is a great way to see how crops are harvested. And you could even visit farms that have orchards and pick your own farm fresh produce to take home. 

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Fall Produce Orchards

Also, you could visit an apple orchard and purchase some apples to take home with you. And not only do these orchards offer apples, but apple products as well! Yummy apple cider, homemade apple fritters and doughnuts…Yum! Watch how they are made and then go home and make them with your family. 

** Check Out My Apple Fritter Recipe Here **

You might even have the option to pick your own apples! How fun! I introduced you to U-Pick Orchards earlier this Summer when Mylee and I picked blueberries. Now, I’m thinking apples, apples, and apples. Yum!

Most U-Pick Orchards let you come in and pick as much as you want. Then, you pay them by the pound for the produce you pick. It’s such a simple process. It’s great for the kids because they learn where apples come from.

And fresh orchard grown apples or other orchard fall fruits are so delicious. There’s just nothing better than fresh, right? But you aren’t just benefiting your family when you buy fresh local produce. 

You’re benefiting someone else’s family, too. By purchasing local, you are helping out a family backyard business. 

country family fun things to do


Support Backyard Businesses

Many of these 5 country family fun things to do are actually small backyard businesses. Not only will you be having fun and learning, but you’ll be supporting the family’s operating business as well.

So, how will you know if you’re supporting someone’s backyard business? Well, easy. Sometimes the family’s name is in the name of the business. Or, there may be information on the business web site about the family run business. Be sure to watch for this information when you’re looking for a place to spend a fall day with the family! 

Because, you know you’ll be given quality product and fun when you check out a business the whole family takes part in to make memories happen. You’ll want to support these family businesses to keep the fun going for years to come. 

How to Find Country Family Fun Things in your area

Finding fun fall activities in the country is really pretty simple. Here are just a few ideas I have for looking for fall events and activities:

  • Facebook/Social Media
  • Local Newspaper
  • Word of Mouth
  • Local Chamber

Checking in with these entities should help you to find what you need to experience and enjoy the countryside during the beautiful fall season. 

Enjoy Country Family Fun Things

Step out into the country or small rural community for some country family fun things to do. Explore the beauty of fall colors, yummy fall food and the hospitality of awesome backyard businesses. 

The best way to experience the beautiful colors and feelings of fall is to get outside and travel the countryside. Play in the leaves. Let the kids feed goats at a local farm, pumpkin patch or petting zoo. Experience how apple products are made and then take some apples home to make your own. 

Trust me. Implement some time to experience country family fun things with your family this fall. It will be a season full of memories that no one in your family will ever forget.

What are your favorite things to do in the fall?

~Much Love~




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Kiara Catanzaro

Monday 12th of September 2016

I love fall festivals, and I'm going to two this season--and can't wait! I'm also hoping to pick pumpkin, try a ton of fall recipes, and more!

Mindy Young @ Farm Fit Living

Friday 16th of September 2016

Great! I hope you have an awesome season. Can't wait to hear more about your travels.

The How-to Guru

Friday 9th of September 2016

This post makes me smile. Thanks for all the tips and ideas - we'll add a few this fall.

blessings, The How-to Guru

Mindy Young @ Farm Fit Living

Friday 16th of September 2016

Great! I hope you have an amazingly fun Fall

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