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How to Develop Memorable Backyard Business Names No One Will Ever Forget

Are you looking for ideas to help you develop memorable backyard business names as you develop your new business?

Develop memorable backyard business names and no one will ever forget about your business. Which is the goal, right? You want customers to keep coming back to you over and over again. 

Picking a name for your backyard business is one of the most fun parts of starting your business. But it is also the most important because people have to learn about you and remember you. Therefore, you need to choose your business name with great care. Take some time and play around with words to choose just the right one

So, here are some great techniques to help you play around with potential business name options. 

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Develop Memorable Backyard Business Names

Location or Landmarks

Using landmarks to name your backyard business can really help your customers find your physical location. They won’t forget where you are if you use your location as your business name. 

This is actually one of the most popular ways to develop memorable backyard business names. Not only is it simple, but it works great because you want people to find you. 

And the possibilities are endless? Which landmarks/locations will you use for your business name? Whichever you choose, make sure you make it the most popular landmark in your area. 

For example, some friends of mine call themselves “Bear Creek Boer Goats“. So, we know when we start to see landmarks citing Bear Creek, we are getting close to their goat ranch. 

So, using location as you develop memorable backyard business names works nicely because you want customers to find you. But you also want customers to take action when they find you. 


Use words that can help customers take action. Just Google “Words that show Action” and see the many possibilities to play with. 

Why use this technique to name your business? Because you want your customers to take action and be inspired to purchase your products. Here is an example: 

“Change Your Life services as a consulting firm. Bee Educated as a consultation business for beekeeping mentorship. These are just a few I thought of off the top of my head just now. 

But there are so many fun things you could do with this to develop memorable backyard business names to work around with. Think of it as a fun with words game that will make or break the next five years of your life! 

Will the use of an action verb work for your business name?

Meeting A Need

If there’s a need in your community, using words to meet that need could be a game changer.

For example, a need for helping the growing immigrant population in your rural community learn English and become citizens might occur. An example of a business name could be “American Dream Works” or “US Coach”.

Remember to keep it simple when trying to name your business to meet a need. Because many needs are also focused around emotion. You want your name to be short but very focused on the service you are providing.

But the problem with using this form of developing memorable backyard business names is that it could be temporary once the need is met. Think hard about where you want this business to go for you and your customers.

Always remember why you’re starting your business. If the name is going to go out of style in the next five years, you’ll want to avoid using this technique to develop a business name. It really depends on why you are in business.

The “Why” Factor

Huh…Why are you in business? Have you thought about it? If it’s to make lots of money first and foremost, you’re in it for the wrong reasons. 

Because you’ll burn out trying to bring customers in if you don’t believe in yourself and your products. Owning your own business should not be about making money.

Of course you have to have money to survive. Silly me.  But, your business will never be sustainable if it’s about money. You have to love what you do. If you love what you do, putting in all these hours won’t even seem like work. It will be fun. 

And you can share this love with customers when you develop memorable backyard business names. If you use this technique to develop memorable backyard business names, neither you nor your customers will ever forget why you started the business. 

A great example is growing organic produce. “Organic Garden Exposure or Inspired Organic Gardens.” Or “Organic Garden Adventure.” Is it catchy? Focused? Tells the Why?

When I see names like these, I immediately hear why this organic produce business was formed. Obviously, the owner was inspired to step out and start the adventure of organic gardening. And with this technique, you could also develop a great motto to go along with it. 

Develop Memorable Backyard Business Names


Maybe you could also use that motto to name your business. Your motto is a quick phrase that tells what your business is about.

What’s the motto of your business. Could it be your business name?

One example is a local lumber shop called, “Do It Right Lumber”. Obviously, the motto of “Doing it right”  is used here to make this business memorable.

So, this is a great option when you develop memorable backyard business names. Because you want to develop your motto early on. You have to know what you’re about and why you’re in business.

Develop Memorable Backyard Business Names About You

Not really your name, but who you are. How you want people to remember you and what your business is about.

For example, my friend and her mom has a great little bakery out of one of their homes. They call themselves “The Mad Batters”. 

I love this business name. It’s catchy. And when you hear it, you know they are not only baking something. They are madly in love with the services they provide their customers. 

Once customers know what you’re about, they’ll know your business by that name. But they’ll also want to know your name which is why using your name is the next technique. 

Your Own Name or Family’s Name

Now, here’s an easy option. Simply use your own name or your family name to develop your business name. 

Not only is this easy. But customers love seeing a family in business. It shows the customers that the entire family puts their heart and soul into their services and products all together. 

An example is my own family farm. “M. Young Farms.” Since our family are all “M’s” this seemed appropriate. And our customers know that, so they won’t forget it. 

Probably you want to make sure your name won’t change in the long run before you use this technique. But if your customers know you personally, that shouldn’t be a problem. Because they will still be your following and come to you if that change occurs. 

And that is why having a great customer following is important through the twists and turns of your life adventures. 

Focus on Customers

Because customers matter. If there’s anything you ever learn from me about business, let that one be the one thing. Because it’s true and it  should be the why of your business. 

Loyal customers are the heart and soul of backyard businesses. They are the ones who believe in you and your services. They will be the ones to advertise for you and endorse you to help bring more customers in. This will help your business grow. 

So, why not focus on the customers to name your business? Name your business after your target audience. 

For example, many blogger friends of mine use this technique. Melissa K. Norris’ Podcast “Pioneering Today” is geared towards people who want to learn more about old pioneering practices they can use now and into the future. So, this is an ideal name for her podcast. 

And an ideal way for you to develop memorable backyard business names. Because focusing on your target customer for your business will help your business be so much more sustainable. 

And it will also help new customers find the business they are looking for to help them. Your business could be the one they’ve been looking for all along. So, choosing the right name in honor your customers is so important. 

Developing Memorable Backyard Business Names

Choosing The Right Name

So, I’ve given you numerous techniques for you to use to develop memorable backyard business names. Now what?

Well, I encourage you to play around with all of these techniques and come up with a few ideas for your business. For each technique, you should always focus on how you want to be remembered. Remember that this business name should be one that sticks with your business long into the future. 

Once you have your list of names, shoot them off to close family, friends and potential target customers. Choose people who will be completely honest with you. Because choosing a name for your business is one of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make. I don’t recommend making this decision alone. 

Ask people which names they will remember so no one will ever forget your business. Take this advice to heart and then run with it.

develop memorable backyard business names

So No One Will Ever Forget

Focus on the why, the need and the customer to develop memorable backyard business names. I’ve given you several different techniques for you to play around with and use to develop memorable backyard business names. 

First and foremost, know why you are in business. Is it meeting a need or are you trying to sound better than your competition? Are you focused on your customers? 

Because these are all important things to keep in mind when finding a name for your new backyard business. Think hard about these things before you settle on the one that will be memorable to customers for the longevity of the business.

In conclusion, develop memorable backyard business names no customer or potential customer will ever forget. They shouldn’t forget you, the why, the need or the target. Giving your business a fitting name will help customers to find you and your business again and again when they need you the most.

Because serving your audience and doing what you love will help you to stay in business year after year.  

~ Much Love ~


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Friday 21st of October 2016

This is genius my friend. I'm going to bookmark and save this. I rebranded once and if I just had picked the right name the first time.


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These are great tips, and of course, I love our blog name! Choosing a name for a blog or business is so hard, it's such a committment!

CourtneyLynne Storms

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Great suggestions!!! Coming up with the perfect name can be tough!

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Wednesday 19th of October 2016

I so wish I read your post when I was trying to find a name for my virtual marketing agency! I really think I'm going to go back to the drawing board and rebrand.

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