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Pink Zebra Theme Birthday Party For A 3-Year-Old

Wouldn’t a pink zebra theme party be adorable and fitting for a 3-year-old’s party?

Pink zebra theme for my daughter Mylee’s third birthday was a no brainer for me. She’s a huge fan of zebras right now thanks to the Racing Stripes movie. She also loves the color pink.

Luckily, zebra stripes and pink go together quite well. I knew it would be an easy theme to pull together for a successful 3rd birthday party she would love.


I didn’t decorate as much as I COULD have. Time is of the essence for me with a new baby and an entire party to put together. I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money on more decorations than I would need.

Because I knew my girl wouldn’t care about the decorations. She cares about the people who come to her party. She cares about her food, cake and presents.

So, I focused on that. We simply covered the tables with pink tablecloths. That’s it!

There’s so much more you could do with this theme. You could have pink zebra theme plates, cups and utensils. There are pink zebra streamers, balloons and table runners. Just to name a few.

I just did not focus on the decor as there was so much more to focus on. Like the delicious food!


Our main feature of our meal were our farm fresh meats. We didn’t know what everyone would like, so I pulled packages of chicken breast, pork steaks, beef steaks, and hamburger out of our freezer.

The “Grillmaster” Matt (my husband) did all the grilling in the 90 degree heat. He double checked each steak and each burger with a meat thermometer to make sure the temperature inside was just right.

While the meat was the main highlight of the meal, there were other good things to eat as well.

A few other things on this summer birthday menu included 7-layer salad, corn salad, broccoli salad, baked beans, fresh tomatoes and onions and our pickles we canned last summer. Whew!

Our meal was a hit. But halfway through the main meal, Mylee was already asking to cut the cake.

pink zebra theme

Cake & Homemade Ice Cream

The cake turned out SO CUTE! I had asked my good friend Sarah to make it for me. Not only did I know it would turn out gorgeous but I wanted to support her small business.

Sarah and her mom have owned The Mad Batters Bakery for a couple of years now. They do cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. And they do a tremendously good job.

For the number of guests we would have, I chose a two-tier cake, which included a small smash cake. For the flavors, I chose two pink ones: Strawberry and Cherry Chip. The large bottom later was chocolate.

To go with the delicious cakes, I decided to make homemade ice cream. I have an old family recipe that is really easy to put together and throw into the electric ice cream maker.

I did have one problem with the ice cream: The humidity was making my ice evaporate too quickly so my ice cream was not setting up. This is one disadvantage of trying to do too much. I should have been watching the ice more intently.

Luckily, my parents showed up first, so I put my dad on ice cream duty. He had a lot of great ideas for keeping the ice from evaporating. Such as wrapping a towel around the top of the ice cream maker. That was genius and it worked great.

The ice cream tasted great with the cakes. After dessert, it was time for Mylee to open her presents.


Mylee got so many cute things. Clothes, Cinderella movie, t-ball stand, pop cycle maker and a Frozen hop scotch rug are just a few of the awesome gifts she received.

She loved opening up her gifts and was quite entertaining. While the party was hardly about the gifts, it was the most entertaining part of the evening. Mylee was hyped up on sugar and excitement. My biggest regret was not capturing the crazy gift unwrapping to embarrass her later.

Luckily, some of the other guests did capture her opening her gifts on video! (Thank you!)

Needless to say, Mylee loved her pink zebra theme birthday party. She was one tired and happy little girl by the end of the night.

Simple But Fun

While this theme was simple to put together, it was perfect for my little summer girl who loves Stripes and the color pink. The pink zebra theme could really work well for any type of party any time of year.