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7 Ways to Stop Food Cravings Naturally

Are you desperate to learn how to stop food cravings naturally?

Stop food cravings naturally to avoid weight gain with just a few simple changes each day. 

Now, we’ve all seen that pill you can take. Or even the herbal supplements for sugar cravings. But I will not promote any supplements in this post. 

Nope. Instead, I want you to learn how to change your lifestyle and to learn how to stop food cravings naturally. The only right way to do it. 

By learning how to overcome food cravings, you will be:

  • Making a necessary lifestyle change
  • Possibly creating permanently positive eating habits
  • Feeling healthier every single day

And overtime, you’ll find that those cravings will magically go away. Is this going to happen overnight? 

NO! Never!

This lifestyle change is going to be difficult. But so very necessary. No change is easy, especially managing and learning how to fight hunger cravings. Believe me. I know because I’ve been there.

So, I want to share with you today what has helped me. So that you can maybe take one of them and apply at least one of these to your own routine. Here are 7 Ways to stop food cravings naturally. 

Stop food cravings Naturally

Eat Every 2-3 hours

So, one of the most important things I learned on my journey to fighting cravings was about metabolism. I learned that if you eat every few hours each day, you’ll increase your metabolism, maintain wait and decrease cravings by keeping your stomach feeling full. It also helps control nighttime eating syndrome when you can’t stop binge eating at night. 

There’s a catch, though…you have to focus on eating healthy snacks and meals. Yes, you can eat more often. But you still need to be aware of caloric intake. 

I track my caloric intake, eating schedule and exercise on MyFitnessPal. It’s FREE, so go ahead and connect with me over there

Next, I’m going to share with you my eating schedule. Here’s my eating schedule for an average day:

  • 4:00 a.m. Breakfast
  • 7:00 a.m. Snack
  • 10:30 a.m. Snack
  • 12:30 p.m. Lunch
  • 3:30 p.m. Snack
  • 6-7 p.m. Supper

And that’s it for the night. Supper is our biggest meal of the day since it’s the only meal we can eat together as a family. Plus, we don’t have to be worried about how to stop food cravings at night with our big meal. Our water bottles are on hand for the rest of the evening to keep us feeling full. 

So, you might be thinking that’s a lot of food to consume in one day. Well, it’s all about how much you eat and also what you eat. And what you drink as well.

Drink a ton of water

Ok, maybe not 2000 pounds of water. But you should drink a lot of fresh clean water. Water is the #1 tip I used when I was working to stop cravings naturally.

You see, I strongly believe that cravings are a result of boredom. And that leads to the hard part of controlling food cravings that many people don’t think about. 

But, it’s real. I want you to try this. Get yourself a 32 ounce water bottle and keep it with you all the time. This is what I do. Every time I feel hungry and it’s not time to eat, I take some sips of water. 

Game Changer! It’s another good way to learn how to stop cravings with dieting and stop food cravings naturally. By just training yourself to drink water when you feel thirsty, you’ll be able to fight sweet cravings and stop sugar cravings. 

Those sugar cravings can be INTENSE! I know it’s hard. But just try the water thing and let me know how it goes in the comments! 

Let’s chat about junk food next. 

Dealing With Crappy Junk Food

Ahh…that junk food. You’re probably also wondering how to stop cravings for junk food. Well, my first tip is to try not to have it around you at all. 

Yep. Get rid of it. That’s my tip. 

I know…I know. You always have the one aunt who give your kids sack loads of chocolate for every holiday. Then, you’ll be the one eating it and asking me how to fight chocolate cravings. 

Well, fighting chocolate cravings is just like fighting any other craving. Here are some tips for getting rid of the crappy junk food:

  • Put it in freezer bags and hide it in the freezer to die. You can still enjoy it…In Moderation.
  • Allow you and the family ONE PIECE per day. Moderation is key.
  • Re-Gift the junk candy or treat to some one in need it it. 
  • Share with others – Take it to work, meetings or school functions. 

So, hide it and forget it. Keep good snacks and ingredients in the range of your eyes when you walk into the kitchen or open the refrigerator door. 

7 ways to stop cravings Naturally

Keep the fridge stocked up with good snacks

Good snacks? What are those? They are diet approved snacks you can have when you’re feeling hungry! You can learn to control food cravings while dieting! I believe in you. 

The following snacks are some I keep in my kitchen and refrigerator. I recommend them while learning how to control cravings: 

  • Greek Yogurt
  • String Cheese
  • Protein Bars
  • Cereal
  • Nuts
  • Fruit, such as Bananas and Apples
  • Vegetables, such as carrot sticks, avocado, and broccoli.

And these are only a few options out there. I also love to have some farm fresh shredded chicken or ham in the fridge to just snack on if I need a little protein. 

But, I definitely want to stress the falsity of the concept of how to not to be hungry without eating. That’s a crock of bull. You’ll never not eat and not be hungry (unless you’re drinking water. 

Fill your body with the right healthy natural foods on the schedule you choose. Track your calories and your exercise. But more importantly, give yourself some grace and understand that moderation is A-Ok. 

Allow yourself some moderation

So, I eat junk food. Maybe more than I should sometimes. And that is why I gave you the tips above…because I have STRUGGLED with how to not crave food. Especially junk food. 

But, I also want to stress the importance of moderation. Because there will be times it’s ok to eat a piece of cake. Or a piece of chocolate bunny on Easter. Why not? 

You only live once. Enjoy a bit of junk food every once in a while. It will actually HELP you with cravings. Then, the next day, you can get back on track. There’s nothing wrong with moderation, it is key to lifestyle change. 

And another lifestyle change you might make is to exercise more to keep your body warm. 

Keep Your Body Warm

When your body is cold, it wants to eat to stay warm. You may experience this in the winter time when the weather is cold and the blues are high. You’re stuck inside with nothing to do but to eat your feelings. 


The other time this might occur is during the summer when you’re inside in the air conditioning. Here are some tips for keeping your body warm:

Yep. Exercise. I’ll cover exercise now. 

Get Up And Move

Many times, boredom is the cause of food cravings. So, you need to learn how to stop craving food when not hungry. One way to do that is to move around more.

And take your mind off being hungry. 

Exercising can really help to change your mindset from bored to engaged. And an engaged mindset feels full. So, you’ll stop thinking about food and turn your focus to exercise. 

This little skill helps you by:

  • Burning Calories 
  • Earn more good calories
  • Thus, you’ll be able to snack on your schedule and not feel guilty about it!

So, you may have already learned a lot today. You have a lot to think about, right? Well, let me tell you my story of lifestyle change by getting rid of food cravings. 

stop carb craving supplements

How I Learned and Change My Lifestyle Naturally

So, a huge food cravings meaning is the feeling of needing to eat something NOW. Well, I’ve been there, done that. 

I struggled with eating and cravings all my life UNTIL I had a light bulb moment in graduate school:

  • My goal was to train for a half marathon race. I wanted to eat better. 
  • I was completely by myself at school. No boyfriend, family or distractions. 
  • And I started to cut certain junk out of my diet for running. 

But, I still had those cravings at time. And the biggest thing I learned was that mindset rules the body and controls what it does. And how it feels. Therefore, I worked on changing and tricking my mindset into believing and wanting good healthy food and snacks. 

And I tried EVERYTHING. Being the natural researcher I am, I tried all different schedules, tactics and tricks to cut out food cravings. And the above 7 tips I just discussed are the top things that worked for me. It was truly a lifestyle change.

So, what about you? Here are some reasons you might be wanting to cut cravings and change your lifestyle?

Reasons You Might Be Wanting to Change Yours, too. 

  • To Avoid Weight Gain
  • While Dieting for Health
  • You’re hungry at night
  • You’re against supplements
  • The love of junk food is strong in you! (Me too)

The good news is that it’s very possible to stop cravings naturally for good. And, I’ve given you 7 ways but there are many ways. So, start training your mindset into the person you want to be. And create the diet that you want. Because you can. 

If I can do it, then you can, too.

cravings for food meaning

Pick the Ones that Work For YOU!

Because you can. I cannot stress this enough. If you need help getting started, please pick one of the 7 strategies I just discussed above. 

May I suggest drinking more water when feeling hungry as your first way to stop food cravings naturally? 

And please just try one of these 7 ways to stop food cravings for a few weeks. At least 21 days. I can’t wait to hear about your success. Let me know in the comments how you have learned how to stop food cravings naturally! 

~ Much Love ~