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7 Reasons To Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day

Have you been considering trying to fit in a turkey trot before stuffing your face on Thanksgiving?

Turkey trot your way to a happier Thanksgiving Day! There are several reasons why turkey trots are worth the time and effort to fit in to your busy turkey day schedule. And one of those reasons is making the choice to stay active on Thanksgiving Day

Staying active on Thanksgiving Day can be difficult. The gym is closed. You might be traveling away from home visiting family. So, how do you make time or even find a way to burn off all those extra calories? 

Because we all know Thanksgiving is a wonderful day for foodies who love to cook, eat and spend time with family and friends. It’s a day for getting together and giving thanks for what we all have and for each other. 

But it can also leave a person feeling irritable, sleepy, and miserable. All that food and calories that goes into your body can make you feel guilty about the loss of your health goals. 

Don’t feel that way this year. Turkey trots are a really good and natural choice to make before you eat that big Thanksgiving meal. 

Here are 7 reasons to choose a turkey trot before or after dinner this Thanksgiving Day. 

turkey trot

You’ll feel better about eating delicious pie. 

Or turkey. Or any favorite Thanksgiving day casserole that has a ton of extra calories.

As you probably already know, guilt is the #1 destroyer of Thanksgiving fun. The guilt of trying every morsel of food on the family buffet table. You know you shouldn’t fill your plate with extra. But you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings when they tell you to take more. 

Then, there’s the dessert. Pumpkin is a fairly safe choice for staying on track. But there’s the extra choices, too. Chocolate. Pie. Oh my. 

Here’s a choice you can live with. Make a plan to run or walk before or after dinner so you can enjoy that piece of chocolate pie. Because it’s a holiday, people. You’re allowed to take a break. It’s all about moderation. 

Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and to have fun with the ones we love. However, peer pressure WILL take over. Mistakes will be made. If we are feeling guilty about what we’ve put into our bodies, how are we going to live the day for what it is worth? 

We’ve all looked forward to this day all year long. Schedule a turkey trot for a run or walk so you don’t feel guilty about eating extra food. Enjoy the cool, brisk November air. And eat that pie.

But Burn all those calories before dinner.

So, you’re trying to maintain your calorie goals to maintain your weight through the holidays. You know that calories in minus calories out equals total calories. 

Well, we all know there’s a ton of calories in Thanksgiving dinner. But did you know you can burn a good amount of them before the meal in just an hour long Turkey Trot? In fact, eating within an hour of any exercise you enjoy will help you to burn more calories. And this will help you to maintain your weight. 

Also, the number of calories burned depends on the terrain and difficulty level of the course. The more hilly and difficult the course, the more calories you’ll burn. So, when your choosing a turkey trot or course for one, pick a trail with a lot of hills. 

If you absolutely must count calories, wear a tracker such as a Fitbit Charge HR. It counts steps, calories burned, heart rate and more.

The important thing is that you feel good about your run or walk and rejuvenated for the big day. But, if you simply cannot get that run or walk in before the big meal, organize a family walk for after dinner.

It’s a Very Short Amount of Time in your Day

You might feel like you don’t have time to fit in a turkey trot. But, I really want to urge you to try to find some way to stay active on Thanksgiving day. And a turkey trot is a great way to do so. 

Schedule an hour or so out of your day to make time for a turkey trot. Did you know an hour is only 4% of your total day? That’s 4% of your whole day that can make or break how you feel the rest of the 96% of your day!

So, with that in mind, will you try to make time to turkey trot either before or after dinner? Another reason for joining in a turkey trot is that your friends will be there, too.

turkey trot

A Turkey Trot Is A Fun Social Event

There will be lots of people there. For many of the same reasons you do. They all want to be active and burn calories before the big meal. And you can burn more calories by holding a conversation through the turkey trot. 

If you’re not a runner, walk and talk with a friend. Wave to passer by’s. Or you could split it up and walk for a while. Then run a little bit to catch up to a friend. Believe it or not, the more you move the more calories you will burn. 

And seeing friends on the holiday at the turkey trot  in the brisk November fresh air is just another way to enjoy the day. 

Enjoy the Fall Fresh Air

No matter the weather, you can choose to do a turkey trot on Thanksgiving Day. Dress according to the weather. Typically, Thanksgiving Day weather is chilly but calm. The air is nice and clear. 

Appropriate attire includes: 

Dress warm but not too warm. The more you move, the warmer you will be. You might end up wanting to remove more clothes so just keep that in mind. 

And don’t forget to bring something for the toy or clothing drive. Many turkey trots give back to those in need. You can contribute by bringing something to donate as well. 

turkey trot

A Good Way To Give Back

Turkey trots usually give back to those in need. Each one might contribute a little bit differently so make sure to find out what you can donate. Here are some common options for drives that give back to the less fortunate:

Bring one or two items per person to donate. Every little bit counts but you will be giving back to a great cause.

Finally, Your Body Will Thank YOU

My favorite activity after Thanksgiving dinner is napping. No joke! All that turkey makes me sleepy.

So, if I don’t exercise before eating all that yummy food, the exercising does not happen. Then, my muscles and joints feel neglected. My body just doesn’t feel right.

And that is why I adore morning turkey trots. I love getting up early and going into town to run with friends along the Missouri River road. When I participate in the Turkey Trot before meal time, my body and my mind feels satisfied.

I just feel like I did something great for my body that day! And you can, too, by simply finding a turkey trot in your area to participate in.

How to find a Turkey Trot in your area

Finding a turkey trot in your area to run is quite easy. Here are some ways to locate a turkey trot:

  • Look for fliers hung in business windows in your community.
  • You can also do a google search for Turkey Trots in your area.
  • Call up local fitness centers, such as the YMCA or Planet Fitness
  • Ask a radio station or newspaper if any trots have been advertised.
  • Word of mouth from other running friends or running groups you’re a part of. 

These are all good ways to find a turkey trot in your area. But what if your area does not have one available? 


How to Organize Your Own Turkey Trot

No turkey trot in your area for the community? Set up your own! 

Here are some things you might want to keep in mind when organizing your own turkey trot: 

  • Organize some like minded people to form a committee to plan the turkey trot.
  • Find Sponsors to donate things like post race refreshments, shirts, etc.
  • Charity for donations
  • Figure out a great running course.
  • Volunteers for helping on turkey trot day.
  • Advertise

Organizing your own turkey trot is really pretty simple. And you will be doing your community a favor. You’ll find out how much people really love turkey trots. And for that, they will love you for organizing one. 

Will You Participate in a Turkey Trot? 

So, I’ve given you 7 reasons to run or walk in a turkey trot on Thanksgiving day. What’s holding you back from getting out there and being active? 

You might be having trouble fitting it into your schedule with travel time problems. Does your destination have one? Or could you schedule some time after the meal to get a little exercise by staying active? 

Or maybe you feel like you’d be too busy cooking the big meal. Why not prepare some dishes up ahead of time to bake after you get home? 

These are just a few simple ways. How about nixing the excuses this year. Find a way to get in that turkey trot or some kind of exercise on Thanksgiving day. Because Thanksgiving is about giving Thanks. 

Hence, your body and mind will thank you if you choose to treat it right. 

Will you participate in a turkey trot run this year?

~ Much Love ~

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